The first Security and Resilience Briefing (SRB) was held at our offices in Waterloo on 28th February 2012.

The briefing was chaired by Chris Phillips, MEI’s Security and Resilience Associate and was attended by twelve delegates representing various SME’s in the S&R sector and the Metropolitan Police. Sadly, Steve Revell, from Rapiscan was unable to join us as a speaker but Paul Donlevey, from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office gave us a fascinating insight into Project Argus Major Events.

The briefing began with a period of introductions. Everyone around the table was given the opportunity to promote themselves and their business. This was followed by an introduction to MEI given by Piers Lawson, the Client Relationship Director, which included a brief on the Major Events Network and the reasons behind the launch of the S&RBriefings. He expounded the value of the MEI website and guided the attendees towards the Forecast of Events and the Suppliers Directory. Piers also explained that the real purpose behind these briefings was to pass on procurement and bid opportunities associated with primarily Glasgow 2014 and the major events in Brazil in 2014 and 2016 but also major events taking place in UK, Russia and Qatar over the next 10 years. He explained that there were nhttp://www.counterterrorexpo.como security related opportunities connected to the major events in Brazil in the pipeline at this time but that they would start to come to light later in the year.

Paul Donlevey then spoke about his work at NaCTSO and in particular his leadership and application of the ARGUS programme with particular reference to Major Events. With the enhancement of some video film he demonstrated the responsibilities and activities of NaCTSO in relation to major events with specific application in the lead-up to London 2012. This was a revealing presentation and made us all consider the massive security challenge that an event such as the Olympics presents to the police.

The afternoon came to a close after a brief discussion leading on from Paul’s presentation and some other issues presented by both Chris Phillips and Dennis Mills, CEO of MEI. Piers Lawson then brought the briefing to a close with a reminder of the next meeting being held in Olympia at CT Expo (see on Wednesday 25th April.

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