After a 3 week sustained programme in Brazil, MEI has returned with unwavering progress. The visit involved meeting key stakeholders in Organising Committees, Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce and city and government officials.

The MEI service of providing advice and reducing the time and risk exposure to working in Brazil was once again proven. With London 2012 soon to be over, helping companies succeed in the South American nation will soon intensify. We are already seeing a large following and thirst for interest and will build on a solid network of relationships over the next 2 years.

Addressing concerns about potential delays to the delivery of key elements of the Games, MEI was told repeatedly that these rumours were unfounded and preparations continue on schedule.

Whilst this may be true, the wider issue of getting companies “business fit” to deliver hosting services appears to less understood. Small and medium sized domestic companies are being supported by SEBREA through a specific programme throughout all of Brazil, aimed at winning business from 2014. MEI is in discussions with SEBREA in Rio De Janero about providing core service support which will include connecting international companies to potential partners locally. I

ndividual cities are also looking at their own preparations and MEI met Sao Paulo Tourism to discuss how to best attract international profile and connections.

MEI’s latest mission to Brazil still proves that business opportunities continue to grow and not just as a result of the up and coming major events. It is for this reason that MEI encourages companies to get involved in commercial activities as early as possible to gain a foothold in the market which helps drive revenue, experience and market profile, leading to better decision making about future plans for the Games. Our collaboration with Nabas Legal, the leading experts at supporting companies internationally, means that everything a new entry company needs can easily be accessed through MEI. Our support can come in the form of workshops to help develop plans, local representation in Rio and Sao Paulo or virtual office business support options.

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