On Wednesday 4th April 2012 Major Events International held their first Brazil Briefing of the year in their offices in Waterloo.

The event was well attended and consisted of an introduction to Brazil followed by a detailed presentation describing the ways in which MEI is able to support businesses through promotional activity and intelligence.

Virgilio Pereira Guimaraes from the Commercial Section at the Embassy of Brazil was present and was able to add incisive support to the presentations and also added illustrative answers to many of the questions posed by other attendees. Chris Matthews and Brad Alexander from LCI Productions were present, as was Teresa Moore from New Bucks University, both members of our Major Events Network (MEN) and both with possible aspirations towards Brazil.

Nabas Legal, with whom we have a close working relationship, were represented by Jose Augusto Gama and Soccerex were represented by Kristian Dobrev and Julian Salas. Kristian was able to expound on the value of Soccerex as an event in Rio and Piers Lawson of MEI took the opportunity to promote the partnership between Soccerex and MEI and highlighted the opportunities available to companies through this relationship.

Two companies with on-going plans for work in Brazil were also present. AMS Acoustics, a member of the MEN and Systems Consultants Services Limited who have recently returned from a mission to Brazil. Their feed-back and impressions added to a lively and informative afternoon

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