As members of our community, we continue to look at how best to give you an “information and market profile edge”. By July, our aim is to have revised our monthly E Magazine and Brazil journal with a slight shift away from general news to more specific procurement data and commentary on key people and organisational changes in the major events market.

There will still be plenty of opportunities for you to reach this global community. The Portuguese web site for Brazil is still very popular, as is our main site which will soon contain the supplier directory. Banners will remain in the publications and we will work harder at getting case studies in place. Our main database is being cleaned up and we will be giving you profile to an increased 25,000 plus key stakeholders in this iconic market sector.

The procurement information can be reached by you and other subscribers to our network and we will put out the occasional news letter to alert you to opportunities rather than the current format we are using.

Following our time at Sportaccord, it is clear that Brazil is a very high priority for commercial companies from many countries and we will continue to give you the best support possible for this market with our growing team.

Please remember to come and see us at our Members meeting or come for a coffee at any time in our Waterloo offices.

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