MEI 2015 Highlights

Another busy year for MEI and its clients and Members as operations in Brazil in particular have intensified with the challenges this has presented. The other main headline is undoubtedly the full mobilisation of the reconfigured Membership programme which has now been in full operation since August 2014. Working with our Australian partner David Friend who specialises in driving value in this area, the mix of strategy workshops, managed introductions and more regular access to key major event officials is proving to be very successful and the number of prestigious market leaders joining the network is growing.


The other significant Membership related activity was the decision to work with Steve Swain who had been running the Security Innovation Technology Consortium (SITC) but without recent financial support or a business structure able to fully leverage a network of over 1000 contacts. By working together, SITC will provide a delivery collaboration opportunity for the already successful MEI Safety, Security & Resilience element of the Membership scheme.


Delegation at Stade de VelodromesmallJohn Botterill, Associate Operations Director for SITC led a multi-sector delegation to visit Marseille, Euro 2016 host city. The visitors were very well received by the Deputy Mayor and key officials and excellent one-to-one contact was achieved with them requesting a follow up visit. Given the current security environment, this is being looked at for early 2016 as a matter of priority.


The successful deployment of 29 delegates to the Gold Coast Australia in April was another highlight of 2015. A good number of local business relationships were established and a much better understanding of the opportunities planned for Commonwealth Games 2018 in particular was gained. With the aim of returning in Q1 2016, the Rugby League World Cup 2017 will also be brought into focus and there is an option for delegates to go to New Zealand which is also hosting the competition.


The inaugural Major Events Summit was held in October in London with 180 delegates travelling from Brazil, USA, Qatar, Spain and other European countries in particular. With day 1 focusing on Safety, Security and Resilience and day 2 on Event Services, use of technology to drive return on investment and enhancing fan experience, it was a truly cross-sector, member-led, peer-to-peer driven event with great feedback. Save the date of 11/12 October 2016!


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The MEI Member Awards Dinner during the Summit led to 10 prizes being awarded to those who have made the biggest contribution to being involved or supporting companies in the most iconic market globally – major sporting events. The “Baton” prizes were designed and delivered by Touch of Ginger who were also celebrating their success in delivering the Rugby Union World Cup 2015 medals. The evening was run by Steve Surridge of Eclipse Sports and sporting legends sat with delegates giving a very informal and great networking feel to the evening.


There are too many other activities to list but we continue to work with the best Conference and Expo providers in the market with relationships now entering their 6th year in some cases. Our service provider partners are proving to be of increasing importance to the members with a range of services from Logistics, Foreign Exchange, Translation, Bid Training, CBT support and UK Train travel all making operations for Members more effective.  We welcome Dan Burton as the new General Manager for MEI who arrived pre-summit from New Zealand to provide more capacity to help service our clients and Members and I am sure he will be in touch if he has not already.


2016 is looking equally challenging with MEI focusing on Rio 2016, Australia and Japan in particular with other opportunities in the pipeline. Seminars and themed events will continue and we welcome your involvement in them, our missions, expos and Summit. We wish you a very successful 2016 and should you have any questions or points you wish to raise please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Very best wishes

Dennis Mills

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