Preparations for the Rio 16 Olympics

Some of our recent news posts have dealt with the lessons learned from staging major sporting events such as the Euro Hockey 2016 championships. But even these grand operations pale in comparison to the preparations currently underway for the Rio 16 Olympics.

From the mammoth construction works to build and maintain the massive stadiums, to the increasing activity from websites offering online bets on the Olympics, it’s a great lesson in how to stage a huge sporting event.


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Construction tasks

The biggest challenge to face the Brazilian officials was undoubtedly the Porto Maravilha project. This saw the waterfront area of Rio’s downtown transformed in preparation for the huge amounts of spectators expected to attend the event, and with the games scheduled to begin in August, the pressure is on the city’s officials to complete this massive task.

But it’s not just the city’s infrastructure that is involved in a race against time, as even many of the major sporting venues such as the swimming arena are still not ready for a test event that is scheduled to occur in April.


2003 Special Olympics Opening CrowdPublic expectation

The sheer challenge of coping with the thousands of spectators has also provided many complex issues to resolve. In particular, there have been significant actions taken to overcome the city’s crime problems, and also there has been a lengthy ticketing process in operation in order to prevent any issues of ticket fraud or counterfeiting.

Similarly, many bookmakers such as Betway have been creating solutions as to helping sports fans decide whether to bet online or instore? But the site’s in-depth coverage of Olympic news, tips and information should help provide a convenient way to bet in a safe and secure manner for this hugely-anticipated event.


rio-de-janeiro-809755 960 720The main event

When the Rio 16 Olympics finally kick off on 5 August, it will feature 306 individual events that will require a massive amount of coordination in regards to staffing and management. This is especially so as the government has repeatedly faced criticism over the huge amount of expenditure in a country that is still suffering from a momentary lapse of economic form.

And with further unwelcome influences such as water pollution on Rio’s famous beaches, and the outbreak of the Zika virus, it’s clear that the Brazilian authorities will have much to cope with in the ensuing five months.

But once the online bets are in and the opening ceremony begins, many will be expecting Rio to deliver the most memorable and joyous Olympic games yet.

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