EyeDect "Truth Verifier" gains Home Office Approval



As a relatively new player in the realm of B2G, with a new and innovative platform that is largely unknown, it was a key part of our strategy when we launched just over a year ago, to ensure we partnered with the right organisations. 


You mention your Home Office approval; how does this help you?

As we build up to exhibiting at the UK Security Expo in November its vitally important to us that we can show our Integrity Assurance platform, EyeDetect is being utilised by the right people.  The Home Office approval for a police force to use EyeDetect in the Sex Offender program is a huge milestone for EyeDetect. 


How will you build on this?

We hope to build on this by using it as the credibility platform to demonstrate to our partners how EyeDetect can assist in a number of areas such as Counter Terrorism, or security and for example support the British Standards for Vetting. 

What is your elevator pitch?

It always makes me smile when asked this type of question.  Basically, what do you need to know the truth about? We have a platform that within 35 minutes, can get you the truth, and all we want you to do is read.

We actually have a 15-minute test we do with people where they write down a number, hide it from us and carry out a test where the only thing they lie about is that number.  It has a great effect and people always try to beat the machine, they don’t, but it adds an element of fun to the process.


Your platform has a global reach, how do you manage demonstrating the technology to countries the world over and what advice would you give?

Its often easier when you engage with someone and show them EyeDetect in a quick demo, but with a geographically disparate audience we need to communicate our message effectively whilst understanding the culture of the potential client.  We make use of videos and screen sharing demonstrations over conference calls at the beginning.  Really its about developing the relationship.  When we spend the time on the relationship the rest falls into place. 

The advice I would give to anyone dealing internationally especially if you’re trying to create the market with a truth verification product like us, is to listen to the client and then listen again and remain patient.



Why did you decide to partner with MEI?

Our membership with MEI has literally helped us understand and enter markets at the right level with the right knowledge. 

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