A picture paints a thousand words

Systech International's visualisation service

It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words – this is certainly the case with Systech International’s visualisation service, a proven aid to business and projects communication.

The in-house visualisation team prepare compelling animations to communicate complex project information and key messages to decision makers. This is a powerful tool which can, for example, enhance your bid submission, differentiating it from your competitors, or support persuasive project arguments that convince the opposition party on the strength of your case.

The key messages within traditional presentations are often lost or forgotten after a meeting however with a visualisation we can ensure that these messages remain fresh in the mind of the decision maker in an easy to access format which can be issued by CD or via a web based medium.

All visualisations feature a music soundtrack along with a commentary delivered by either a recognised member of our client’s team or by a professional voiceover specialist. The commentary and labelling can be in any language and the visualisations are indexed, prefaced with an introduction, prepared in sections and summarised.

To view a showreel which demonstrates the impact that a visualisation can achieve, Click Here


• Bids
• Construction phasing
• Project progress and monitoring
• Change impact
• Dispute resolution
• Marketing
• Customer relations
• Health and safety

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