Volunteers Make Great Britain Top Event Destination



Volunteering is beginning to get the recognition it deserves, following on the back of the Olympics, and as a result an increasing number of organisations are trying to discover ways to attract volunteers to their cause. The power of the internet has made the process to attract and manage volunteers easier and faster than ever before.


Communications is one of the core elements of a successful relationship between an organisation and its volunteers. Furthermore, staying in touch with volunteers and keeping them informed of changes is vital. England Hockey has realised the importance of communicating with their volunteers and they look out for a system that can provide a way to communicate with a large amount of volunteers in a timely manner.


The online volunteering system, TeamKinetic has proved to be a good fit for England Hockey as they helped to recruit and to retain volunteers in the run up for the Men’s Hockey World League Semi-Finals 2017. One of the reasons of this successful partnership was that the system allows the management of a large number of volunteers, no matter the skills or the amount of time the volunteer has to offer, but also provides an easy way to communicate and keep in touch with volunteers.


England Hockey have recruited over 2.000 volunteers from all over Europe and logged more than 17.000 hours of volunteer hours, since using TeamKinetic. 



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