September theme - Legacy

Sport Business News

Throughout September 2010, MEI is taking a closer look at the area of legacy. Countries and cities have various reasons for bidding to host an event, not just financial.

These can range from improving the image of the city/country and putting it firmly on the sporting map in terms of attracting future events or creating a positive economic impact from increased tourism, to building venues and facilities that will ultimately enhance the health of a nation and lead to the development of new sporting stars. Improved infrastructure (e. g. transport and telecoms) can also improve a nation. Successful events can also grow new audiences and participants in sport which also makes legacy a key criteria for federations that rely on television and sponsorship rights. Cities and countries are unlikely to win the right to host major sports events without a robust legacy plan in place. Legacy planning therefore needs to be central to any bid for a major sporting event. If you want to find out more about legacy and how it relates to the major events industry, then MEI is the resource for you during this month as we keep you informed through our case studies, Q&As and features. We will also keep you up–to–date on general industry news as usual. Just visit our 'News' section to find out more.

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