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Deltar T-S
  • Security & Resilience
  • Recruitment, Staffing & Training
Corporate Summary : Deltar-TS is a full-service training and risk management consultancy, focusing on areas involving high levels of complexity, organisational integration and potential catastrophic risk / loss.
Deltar-TS works with clients to understand the complex nature of the world that they are operating in, to develop effective corporate strategies to mitigate and manage those risks, and to develop risk management capabilities across the organisation that will allow them to respond in the most appropriate and effective manner in the event that a crisis event is triggered.
Our work is built up cutting edge-academic research, global best practices, case studies and real-world experience in developing and managing risk and resilience in some of the world’s major corporations and NGO’s, as well as global sporting and other events.
In the modern world, security and risk managers can no longer claim that they are in control of factors such as terrorism, climate change, social and political instability, natural disasters technological breakdown, supply chain failures or any of the other myriad threats could cause disruption, and potentially catastrophic destruction to their operations. Deltar-TS can be your guide in the world of seemingly formless chaos associated with modern crises and disaster events, and can help you plan and prepare for any eventuality.

Design Security Ltd
  • Security & Resilience
  • Business Services & Consulting
Region(s): UK
Corporate Summary : Design Security Ltd provides, risk based and cost effective approach to design, enabling you to secure your assets. We specialise in securing the built environment utilising a blend of physical, technical and procedural security.