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  • Security & Resilience
  • Recruitment, Staffing & Training
  • IT & Data Management
Region(s): UK
Corporate Summary : MASS, as specialist provider, can deliver a cost effective solution to this requirement. We can assess your training requirements and help you achieve an improvement in performance or prepare for the challenges of a new requirement. Our assessment allows us to set specific training objectives, design a bespoke training event replicating the current real world situation, generate all the scenario information and plan and organise the event. We have been providing this capability since 1996 and in the last five years delivered fifteen ‘train as you operate’ Exercises with several involving over 1000 participants. We also delivered the three London Olympics Crisis Management exercises for full UK Government involving 260 agencies including emergency services. Our legacy is the development of highly training, robust and capable staff.
Max WiFi
  • Security & Resilience
  • IT & Data Management
Email: 020 3727 9520
Corporate Summary : Max WiFi works across the World to provide complete event communications to Production Companies, Event Organisers, and Venues. We can help you by providing temporary, bespoke, cutting-edge technology to your event to ensure your guests are well connected. Max WiFi specialise in WiFi and Wired Internet Connectivity, Temporary Bandwidth, Event Digital Signage, Event CCTV and Event VoIP.
My Next Match
  • IT & Data Management
Corporate Summary : My Next Match is developed by industry specialists with more than two decades of experience competing, coaching and managing in amateur and professional sports.
The software first launched in 2015 after a detailed research and development phase, and has gone on to open offices in three countries: London, England (HQ), Lausanne, Switzerland and Izmir, Turkey.
With a global partnership network of organisations from 80+ countries, My Next Match is the trustworthy data collection solution powering the next generation of sports.
Developed with Olympic doctors and athletes, My Next Match is legitimised by its deep roots to the sporting community, supporting members from grassroots to the elite level.
As a result of this, My Next Match was presented to the International Olympic Committee in 2018 is currently in discussion with several Olympic sports federations.
Consultancy services:
IT partner to 80+ global organisations (including international federations)
Conducting feasibility studies for software implementation for our partners
Designing, developing and implementing software for sports organisations with ongoing support
Managing and overseeing the use of the platform for international and national events