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olympic procurement

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You’ve worked hard to get where you are and will provide outstanding services to the major events circuit.

You need to be seen as the premium business you are.

Market exposure in the right markets, opportunities and connections on the world’s stage are imperative to your continued success.

Getting crucial and timely information on planning major events is what you thrive on and you want to engage with customers.

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Our Story

We’re the only global professional membership scheme across all sectors in the major events industry.

Our members are at the top of their game or heading there. They are determined to succeed and membership is all about winning more major event business.

We have years of experience in major events working with the best companies during the world’s most iconic events – Olympic Games & World Cup Series.

We don’t just talk – we connect you to the right people and have key contacts in the UK, Brazil, Europe, Russia, Qatar, USA, China, Australasia and Japan.

MEI – an exclusive network for those serious about success in the major events world, you can think of us as your personal business concierge service for information, market profile and getting you connected.

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