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We have a proven record of success for supporting companies seeking to win business in international sporting events; and helping event organisers mitigate risk, minimise cost and maximise revenues and fan engagement. Our team of experts connect clients of all sizes across multiple sectors to iconic international sporting events. We have global recognition and extensive prestigious references which pass from event to event and country to country.

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Rights Holders

In a ‘back-to-basics’ workshop we look at your market proposition, communications and marketing approach to validate and enhance the chances of you achieving your objectives.


We provide you with access, insight and the opportunity for you to increase your profile amongst decision makers and specifiers - to give you a competitive advantage.

Host Cities & Venues

Our support spans all phases of the operational lifecycle of a host destination, city or venue.

Government Agencies

In most nations, there is an ever-increasing level of accountability required to justify the use of public funding to finance major sporting events.

Delivery of Services


Providing expert suppliers with a competitive advantage through introductions, knowledge sharing, facilitating the creation of turn-key solutions; supporting sales and marketing functions.

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A key part of any international business strategy that tests new markets is for staff from the exporting organisation to visit the country themselves. We arrange market visits and Missions to have meetings with key decision makers and stakeholders.

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Bringing together the most influential stakeholders from rights holders & host organisations together with expert commercial suppliers involved in major sports events-  to knowledge share and collaborate.

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A published manifestation of what we do: sharing best practice, insights and opportunities to raise the bar in the event planning, event delivery and legacy delivery phases

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    Laying Solid Foundations: A Guide for Major Event Programme Management

    Laying Solid Foundations: A Guide for Major Event Programme Management   Planning & Operations Software supplier WeTrack have produced a guide to aid the planning of major...

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    “ATOS continue to widen participation in non-Olympic events and sporting venues. The Summit was a great opportunity to articulate plans and showcase how ATOS embrace digital transformation to provide integrated services for a holistic experience inside and outside the stadium. Thanks MEI for the invitation and I look forward to the next edition.”

    Fabrice Doreau, ATOS

    “MEI presents the opportunity to hear from, have dialogue with representatives from some of the major sporting competitions”

    Paul Muselle | CEO | Giggabox

    "Joining the IFS 2021 gives us the opportunity to demonstrate how we can work with global federations, rights holders and venues using quantitative and qualitative analysis to understand consumer insights


    Caroline McGuckian, CEO - Meshh 

    “MEI present a really great opportunity to engage with potential suppliers and commercial partners….”

    Jon Dutton | CEO, Rugby League World Cup, 2021

    Participating in IFS 2021 offered an exciting opportunity to educate and share knowledge gained in the US, Europe and APAC, supporting the most dynamic sporting events.


     Director, Natalie Chouaqu, Contact Marketing-  LiveU 

    “I always value the opportunity to support MEI events because there is always strong attendance from the companies who together form the very impressive capability that now exists in this area. Only by working collaboratively and promoting discussion and the exchange of ideas across the entire spectrum of the supply chain can we provide the innovative solutions that clients now require.”

    Sir Brian Burridge, Senior VP UK Corporate at Finmeccanica

    “I’ve just made two connection in the past 20 minutes who will try and help in my forthcoming event”

    Brigadier Fred Hargreaves | Deputy Director | Invictus Games Foundation

    "We’ve been a member of MEI and we find it has been excellent for gaining insight and access to both venues as well as interacting with vendors, the venues themselves, and other likeminded people within the technology sector, stadium and large public arenas."

    Andy Coney | CEO & Founder | WDSI

    Congratulations to the great organization and interesting sessions at the summit!


    Christoph Oberlehner - Secretary General - International Fistball Association (IFA)

    "MEI is our key partner in helping Rapiscan expand its international footprint and driving growth in our Major Events business and has helped us win new business with bid support, strategy and market intelligence and we now have a vibrant Major Events business."

    Steve Ravell | Senior Director | Rapiscan

    Thank you for having me at the International Federations Summit. Congratulations on a terrific conference ! 


    Julian Tan - Head of Digital Business Initiatives & Esports - Formula 1 

    “The Major Events Summit provided an informal platform to discuss and knowledge share around the new technologies in Stadia being used increase operational effectiveness and return on investment – definitely worth getting involved if you’re in this sector”

    Francis Casado, Business Development Manager, Mobile Media Content

    I can throughly recommend becoming a member. I have personally benefitted by fantastic collaborative supplier solutions for bids.There is power in this network! "

    Steve Laws | Director of TaylorBridges (Consultancy)


    “Eve Trakway has benefitted from MEI’s networking events and seminars have helped us connect with other key players in the industry. We have also used, additional to our membership, MEI’s in country support services in the lead up to the Rio 2016 Olympics. It has been invaluable to have expert feet on the ground to connect us with the right people in the organising committee.”

    Anne Johnston, Eve Trakway – Networking events/consultancy

    “We were invited by MEI to share their stand at CT Expo. The stand share worked very well for us and gave us a cost-effective way of promoting both our own business and the benefits of MEI membership. It is always hard to quantify the value of exhibiting but in terms of promoting our brand, it was invaluable.”

    Mick Massey, Managing Director, Hanover Associates (UK) Ltd

    “WeTrack finds our membership to MEI to be great value for money. We use it to increase our brand profile amongst key decision makers, to share our thoughts and to facilitate connections and build relationships faster than we otherwise would have. Over a period of time this combination has undoubtedly helped us win clients.”

    Peter Ward, Co-Founder, WeTrack

    "MaxWifi are pleased to announce that they have been retained to provide wifi for the 7000 M&S Bank Arena, hosting the Vitality Netball World in Liverpool this July. A direct win for the MEI Summit."

    Richard Hughes, Director, MaxWifi

    “I would like to thank MEI for the great event organized in Gold Coast. It was a fantastic opportunity for UK companies to have access to the Organizing Committee for the Commonwealth Games, Police executives and local businesses. I think it was a remarkable experience and I would like to thank once again the entire MEI team of their professionalism and passion in organizing this mission.”

    Francesco Norante, Selex ES – Finmeccanica

    Congratulations on a great online summit. The improvement, quality and engagement from last time was exponential and the general feeling I perceived was very satisfactory.

    VALENTINA MATTIOLI, Teams Coordinator - FIBA 3 X 3 

    Joining the IFS 2021 was an incredible opportunity for us to meet and interact with Sports Communities in this challenging time. We wanted to use our extensive expertise in the Live Broadcast Media supply chain to help set trends in the industry. We’re at the forefront of innovation for sports federations to connect fans all around the world and bring remote participation to the next level


    Doris Radicevic, Contact Marketing Director - TVU Networks-

    I am sure that our association with MEI was important regarding our success winning the contract at Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022”

    Paul Ramler | CEO & Projects Director


    “I wanted to write and thank you and Dennis for such an interesting event on Wednesday. I’m not sure I’ve heard from speakers with such passion, knowledge and from such a variety of perspectives at one event, and I hope the companies in attendance are able to draw on that to advance their interests in Brazil.”

    Kalada Bruce-Jaja, Desk officer, Brazil (Bilateral) and Olympics, South America Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    “ We sponsored a workshop at the IFS as it allowed us to get more brand awareness and new connections. I would recommend future sponsorship as it provided value for money: for a company we are trying to target stadium and venues, it had all the right delegates to do that.”


    Ali Nasser - Sales Director - Arana Security

    “The Summit provided a fantastic opportunity to knowledge share & network with other Major Events stakeholders”

    Matthew Prosser, Director of Business Development, Verteda

    Thank you for creating such an excellent event – I had positive feedback from all the team about the session !

    Doris Radicevic, Europe Marketing Manager -  TVU Networks 

    “Thank you for your organisation, management and facilitation of what I consider a worthwhile and professionally lead Mission to the Gold Coast.”

    David Winters, MI-GSO | PCUBED (https://www.migso-pcubed.com/)

    "Major football tournaments and their associated industries are a key focus at the Soccerex Global Convention and Major Events International provides that link and support for companies who recognise the commercial opportunities available through large-scale events."

    David Wright, Marketing Director at Soccerex

    We are really excited to be sponsoring the IFS. It gives us a chance to engage with federations we haven’t yet worked with and gain more insight into the challenges they are facing, as well as brainstorming solutions together to produce the best possible outcomes for their sports"


    “The IFS sponsorship provided real value for money for us as it was a great chance to build brand awareness and new relationships, especially with the VIP guests. The more informal format was successful. Overall a great contact base with good participation and engagement.”

    Laura Wignall, Contact Business Development Manager- Gravity Media 

    "I am happy to credit Major Events International with opening a number of doors for us which after a long journey of competitive tendering & working directly with the client, led to contracts with, for example, The FA at Wembley Stadium & Lima 2019."

    Andrew Hodson, Head of Sport Partnerships, CSM Live

    “It was a well organised and structured event that provided valuable insight as to how to prepare a bid for a major event and what to look out for. The mission also provided the opportunity to meet key stakeholders from the event as well as the opportunity to network with other organisations bidding with the intent of seeking strategic partnerships to potentially strengthen the chances of success.”

    Wayne Tymms, Indigovision

    “We’ve already got a return on our investment from our membership. It is the network to be part of if you want to be part of the major events market.“

    David Morris, Director, Cyroaction

    “The MEI Qatar Mission was great for Taylor Bridges- it helped us enormously to understand the sports business eco-system in the region and provided us with a tremendously valuable platform to start conversations which are looking very promising indeed. We definitely would not have had this opportunity were it not for MEI"

    Steve Laws, CEO, Taylor Bridges

    Taking part in the IFS 2021 is a huge opportunity for us to connect and communicate with the shareholders who are shaping the sports industry and to share our experiences and ideas with each other. The event creates a great platform to understand the needs of the market, helping synergies to be formed more effectively"


    Tom Vechy, CEO - SEYU

    MEI provides us with a level of access to Sports Rights Holders that we wouldn't be able to achieve on our own. The International Federations Summit was a fantastic forum for connectivity and we made many new connections


    Pawel Mydlo - Business Development Manager - NoA Ignite

    “With MEI, I always learn where and how to engage with existing companies… the more we know, the more we can guide them.”

    Colleen Orsmond | General Secretary | World Rowing

    "I thought the format for this morning's first session was excellent. A refreshing switch up from the usual 'sit and listen' zoom calls.”


    Hamish Muiry, Head of Sales UK & APAC-  M2A Media

    “I really enjoyed the interactive and inspirational discussions with all our guests. It was one of the best virtual events, I have participated in since the start of COVID.”

    Susanne Lenz, Broadcast Consultant - Union Cycliste Internationale

    MEI provides DB Schenker with unrivaled market intelligence and insight into the global world of sport

    “The opportunity to talk to suppliers and understand their requirements and make sure that we align our procurement processes and specifications with those companies to assist them”

    Danny Baade | Head of Security

    “Compared to the level of information we receive from other networking and business development groups, we are inundated with information from MEI”


    Elliot Ramler - COO, RGS Events

    “The access MEI can provide for us and the helpfulness of everyone I’ve come into contact with are first class and this is what clinched the membership for me.”

    Kathryn Bloomfield, Director, London Fire Brigade Enterprises Ltd

    “I would like it recorded that I have attended 3 briefings organised by MEI over the last 15 months and at each one I have been impressed by the quality of the speakers and of the attendees. At each event I have met people with whom I have both formed solid business relationships and created business opportunities. I have recently agreed to upgrade our membership to the Executive level since I feel that MEI give consistently good value and I rate their service very highly.”

    Jeremy Seel, Duralock Ltd

    Cerberus Tech sponsored this year’s IFS to highlight our global live video distribution services to the federations - we felt the event was extremely well organised and the attendees were open and receptive to conversations around new ideas and technology."


    A top notch online event…. there was definite value in this one for us and for all the delegates. so I am sure you will have an inbox full of thanks by the end of the day!

    Chris Clarke, Contact Sales Director - Cerebus Tech

    “I always leave the Major Events Summit impressed. It’s a show-stopper for us and something we find a lot of value in. It’s a fantastic opportunity to have the decision makers in one room and frankly shortens the sales cycle. It is invaluable.”

    Steve Gruning, VP Global Sales and Marketing, SOS Global Express

    We are excited to upgrade to MEI Premium Membership. While the MEI Professional Membership was good, with opportunities being presented along with the introductions and contacts being made via the MEI community & summits, I was getting quite frustrated as I just did not have the time or resources to follow up on those contacts & opportunities. The Premium membership means MEI becomes a part of my team and an extension of my company and sets up meeting for me. They really get involved in understanding what we are as a business and create new opportunities first hand and now MEI helps me exploit those opportunities. To top it all off I don’t pay extra to attend the Summits, exhibit or advertise my business as its all wrapped up in the membership fees. It’s a no-brainer & I cannot believe we have waited this long to forge this partnership.


    Jason Baris

    Managing Director, Blade Rigg

    "In a huge year for global sport we are happy to support the operations of International Federations by sponsoring this summit. The intimate workshops will enable enjoyable discussion and valuable knowledge exchange, and we look forward to engaging with the community of federations and sharing expertise"


    Peter Ward, CEO - We Track

    “A perfect chance to come in and say we’re here and we’re ready for business”

    Neil Carney | Project Director


    MEI gives us the precious opportunity to network with the major stakeholders within the global sport events ecosystem. They provide a unique platform to exchange ideas within this network, discuss industry challenges and shape the future, which is key to us to serve our clients with the best solutions.


    Samantha Lamberti- Nielsen