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4th July 2024


LONDON, Friday 28 June 2024. As we enter the summer event season in the UK, Etherlive and  Spindlewood, two companies renowned for delivering innovative technology solutions to the UK's  top event operators including IMG, AEG, DP Tour, the Royal Horticultural Society, and Glastonbury will rebrand to PMY Group effective 1 July. 

The rebranding reflects the ongoing integration of these businesses into PMY, a global leader  known for its technology expertise in event and venue infrastructure, experience, and intelligence. Since the acquisitions of Etherlive in October 2022 and Spindlewood in March 2023, both  companies have aligned operations and delivery to support significant growth. This growth has  allowed an expansion in scale into Europe, upgraded warehousing and operations teams based  out of Birmingham and delivery of innovations such as people counting. Though the branding is changing, the team remains the same, and the commitment to exceeding  expectations and driving innovation is stronger than ever. 

Tom McInerney, EGM of Event Technology, said, “This rebranding highlights our continued  dedication to being leaders in event and venue technology. You can expect the same high  standards and innovative solutions you associate with Etherlive and Spindlewood, now enhanced  by the global strength and expertise of PMY Group.” 

Charlie Brownridge, EGM of Event Technology, continued, “With the busy summer event season  upon us, this rebranding comes at a perfect time. This change reflects our commitment to  delivering cutting-edge event technology solutions and creating amazing experiences. 

“Congratulations to our Etherlive and Spindlewood teams on their outstanding legacy and  success. Their dedication and innovation have set a high standard, and I am excited about the growth and new opportunities that this next phase will bring,” added Paul Yeomans, CEO of PMY  Group. 

Being part of PMY enables the event technology team to continue to offer even more  comprehensive solutions and support, leveraging global resources and expertise. As PMY Group  continues to grow from strength to strength the inclusion of the event technology team further  supports the vision of being the single Technology Partner for the Live Environment. PMY delivers tailored solutions that integrate and enhance every aspect of venue and event  management. From foundational technology infrastructure that powers venues and events to  experiential systems and sophisticated intelligence. 

To learn more about PMY Group’s extensive global capabilities, visit our new home at Event  Technology — PMYPlease find a link to Etherlive & Spindlewood project images here

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About PMY 

PMY Group (PMY) is a leading full-service technology solutions provider, dedicated to enhancing the infrastructure,  experience, operations, and intelligence of venues and major events globally. 

From its origins in stadium technology, PMY has broadened its scope, now servicing over 1,000 clients in 14 countries  across a diverse array of sectors. PMY’s expertise extends from the foundational technology infrastructure that powers  venues and events to the experiential systems that shape what audiences see, touch, and feel, and further to the  sophisticated software platforms and business intelligence solutions that optimize operational efficiency and decision making. 

As the Master Technology Partner for the Live Environment, PMY excels in delivering tailored solutions that integrate and  enhance every aspect of venue and event management. With advanced intelligence solutions as an integral part of its  approach, PMY provides clients with critical insights and innovative capabilities that drive operational excellence and  strategic success.

With a strategic presence in Australia, the USA, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, PMY’s extensive client list  includes high-profile projects such as SoFi Stadium, Allegiant Stadium, Wimbledon, The Open Championship, New York  Mets, US Tennis Association, LIV Golf, various World Cups, Olympic organizing committees, and more. PMY’s global reach and steadfast commitment to delivering impactful, independent technology solutions have  established it as a trusted partner to some of the world’s most prestigious venues and events.