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Controlled Events : Responding and Adapting –to support your COVID Response

25th January 2021

The impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit the economy hard, with many organisations fighting for their very survival or at least continuing to navigate uncharted waters. Potential disruption, market changes and a new operating environment all conspire to create uncertainty.


Drawing from their extensive resilience experience, current government guidance and credible resources such as The Office for National Statistics, Controlled Events have developed a weekly report detailing policy shifts, their latest infographics on COVID business impacts, percentage of COVID cases, vaccine updates and ONS updates, which they have published consistently over the past 28 weeks (and counting) to help guide businesses through this critical process. [You can access the latest reports and additional resilience and readiness tips and guidance via Controlled Event's complimentary online resource portal.


With virtual working quickly becoming the norm, Controlled Events also adapted their existing training and simulation capability, using Microsoft Teams features and users own mobile devices, to fully immerse participants in their exercises remotely. Controlled Events also rolled out Articulate e-learning to widen their online CPD service approved training for crisis management, business continuity and communications.


Controlled Events have supported both private and public sector organisations throughout their COVID response, most recently a fire and rescue service requiring a whole team simulation including fire scenarios, news response, interviews and more. This was a large scale, fully virtual exercise which tested their platform and demonstrated that although nothing can replace in person support, their latest service innovation has paved the way for more streamline resilience and readiness support in the future.  


For more information on the full range of services Controlled Events provides, visit: https://controlledevents.com