COVID-19 Pandemic Response – Resilience tips and resources #4

6th August 2020

All credit goes to Rob Walley from Controlled Events for providing us with his article.

Are you strengthening your supply chain and organisational resilience?

Fewer than 50% of businesses had a plan in place that sufficiently enabled them to respond to supply chain issues encountered during COVID-19 so far.  A further 3.5% of businesses had no Continuity Plan in place at all during COVID-19, and we are advising people to consider generic, flexible Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plans (tailored to the COVID response where necessary) as preferable to focusing all Planning on the recent experience of COVID-19 to date.

In April, we provided some Crisis team top tips, advice on gaining perspective, improving technical communications resilience and mapping the way forward. Since then, our debriefs with clients and lessons identified are especially relevant as we face predicted COVID-19 case growth and we have been providing regular COVID-19 policy and statistical analysis. Several stand out items include:

From the beaches of the south coast, to manufacturing, retail, corporates, Government and construction organisations we have been supporting a range of clients in recent months. Managers at various client organisations have been facing up to the challenges in creating the capacity to plan their resilience measures due to additional workloads and challenging ways of working, budget pressures and the balance of achieving proportionate resilience arrangements within constrained budgets. Over 53% of businesses plan to develop a comprehensive pandemic plan and we have recently been focused on delivering five key areas for clients which we recommend as focal points for your immediate readiness for the coming months:

In September we will be leading a free webinar as part of the Business Continuity Institute Education month. We will be in touch with details on this and other Resilience webinars in the coming weeks so you can secure a place on the right session for you. In the meantime, please contact us to discuss your Resilience and do register here for access to our resource portal and updates.