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Evolvs Success at the Loretta Lynn Memorial

25th August 2023

Dale Duhl, Senior Manager of Security at the Grand Ole Opry House remembers one guest who showed up for the Loretta Lynn memorial last fall. “We had lines of people who showed up before we opened our gates,” he says. “I overheard one person telling her friends, ‘We’re never going to get our seats. Even if they open up right now, we’re still not going to make it.’ The gates opened and the lines started to move.” Duhl continued, “Ten minutes later, when I was in the lobby, the same woman and her friends passed through security. She came over to me and told me, ‘Flawless and seamless. I’m very impressed with how you handled this huge crowd.’ I had to smile to myself. As we had Evolv, I knew that we were going to make it work.”  By enabling Evolv Express® Opry Entertainment Group was able to achieve the following: