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Hacking the Wetware in Sports, Events & Hospitality

11th April 2022

Hacking the Wetware in Sports, Events & Hospitality


Before they hack your technology, most criminals will try to hack your wet-ware, your people, first. The sensationalist headline below regarding @UK-Sport might be overlooking two fundamentals here, first these were attempted attacks, not actual ones. Secondly, it’s worth mentioning here that @UK-Sport had probably not been singled out here. The kind of spam emails being referred to there are probably part of the many spam email, “fire hoses” directed across all businesses and government departments.  


However, we are all vulnerable, hacking attempts will generally target your users first, as a stepping-stone to getting to your technology. We have some understanding of how bad actors will attempt to fool your users in to trusting an email then clicking on a link or attachment to help their first step in their hacking journey. To help with user awareness we have created a presentation on the topic:


“Finding new friends for business and pleasure and how they might also find you!”


Our presentation outlines why and how these bad actors behave.

The content includes:



During May and June we are offering this security free to businesses in the MEI community and their partners. If this is of interest to you then please message me on Signal or WhatsApp on +447881 448173.



Find out about how UK Sport have been hit by almost a 1/4 of a million cyber attacks in the past year

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