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Hosting greener events just got easier with ID&C & Identilam!

17th May 2023

ID&C and Identilam’s accreditation offerings just got greener. We’re on a mission to make it easier for event planners to become more sustainable. We are helping them reduce their environmental impact while reducing waste going to landfill – and now we are letting everyone know. Here is what we have been doing over at ID&C and identilam HQ.


We are not here to greenwash, we know we are in the infancy of our journey, we are so positive about where it will lead to. As part CCL Industries, we are setting several ambitious waste targets to reduce the impact of our products, including 90% reduction globally in waste to landfill by 2025 and 100% of facilities in North America and Europe becoming net-zero waste to landfill by 2030… impressive ah?

Carbon offsetting:

identilam and ID&C partnered with Make it Wild to offset the emissions produced in the UK to enable us to make proactive strides towards this.  It was important to us we chose a UK provider. At present we offset 270+ tonnes of carbon per year and are working hard to reduce that.

Post Event Recycling:

NEW & IMPROVED post-event recycling scheme gives customers the opportunity to be even greener. Simply opt-in to our scheme on your next order, send us your used wristbands, lanyards and passes, and let us do the rest. Our partner collates, and sort returned products. The items are then cleaned, shredded, and made into new recycled products.


We rolled the scheme out at Event Production Show 2023 at the Excel and saw a 42% OF ACCREDITATION RETURNED TO BINS, this is what Mash Media had to say:


“Having chosen ID&C back in 2014 to be our official provider of lanyards for all our events, we couldn’t be happier with quality of the product and efficiency of the team. When our contract came up in 2021 and with our company opting for more sustainable solutions, ID&C went above and beyond to help us find both sustainable products but also assist us in the recycle and replenishment of the lanyards facilitating dump-bins for our visitors to leave behind when leaving our events.

Ordering through ID&C and now Identilam is so easy, I can scroll the range online and buy online, however they also have friendly staff who go above and beyond to talk to you and find the right solution, colour scheme and eco-friendly solutions to match the theme of your event. I would highly recommend.”

J R Linen - Sales Director, Mash Media

Carbon Neutral Shipping:

ALL our shipments through our partner UPS are now offset. This means that we can offer a completely carbon neutral delivery service on orders.

Carbon Neutral business:

But it does not stop there. Although our current efforts allow us to be a carbon neutral company, we also know there is more work to be done with more ethical sourcing and production. We are constantly exploring new and efficient ways to help our customers reach their sustainability goals too.


The long and short is that Eco is no longer the alternative. With our expanding environmental schemes, more ethical sourcing, and our range of eco-friendly products … why would you not choose us?