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Is Covid19 the only threat we need to worry about?

8th June 2020

As lockdown eases to varying degrees across the world, and we begin to raise our heads above the parapet to peek towards a future of hugging loved ones again, attending events and (please God) being able to go back to the pub, there remain groups of people in little huddles around the world- some much closer than you think-  who care little about such things: for they are consumed with rage, and fear and radicalism, and a passion for revenge, and a burning desire to be noticed.


Whilst our ‘new normal’ with be achieved with social distancing and PPE, theirs will be achieved with terror and their own version of ‘shock and awe’.


Covid19 has meant the world has been distracted. What better time to prepare for a strike?


So, whilst you are planning how to defeat a microbiotic threat, and fill your stadia, arena and festival venue, do not forget that the extremist threat still lurks close to the surface.


Major Events International is a network of best of breed suppliers who seek to support the events industry minimise costs, maximise revenues and mitigate risk. We have recently curated a sub-group of experts who are working together to share best practice with you, and provide you with free advice and consultancy.


The infographic provides a clear and simple representation of the events safety and security eco-system. Do you have all bases covered? Is your risk assessment comprehensive enough? Are there questions you haven’t answered?


Here are some to challenge you:


Have you identified questions, challenges and/or known gaps arising from operational planning which need to be explored, unpacked and resolved during readiness activity? If not, hopefully the above questions will give you a god starting point.


If you want some help with the answers, there are a couple of options open to you:

  1. Join us at the Major Event Virtual Summit in July, where a number of these issues will be discussed- https://www.meisummits.com/
  2. Visit the MEI website for guidance and advice- https://www.majoreventsinternational.com/
  3. Drop me a line with your concerns, challenges, where you need some support and I will put you in touch with one of our Safety and Security specialists who will be happy to provide you with a level of free consultancy. arice@majoreventsint.com


Andy Rice is COO of Major Events International (MEI), a business development consultancy that helps suppliers connect with major sporting events. MEI are running the Major Events Virtual Summit in July- click here to register