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Major Events International (MEI) Announce Strategic Alliance with SponsorForce

27th April 2022

Major Events International (MEI) Announce Strategic Alliance with SponsorForce


Major Events International (MEI) and leading China-based sponsorship platform SponsorForce today announce a strategic alliance. This will offer new sources of revenue for International Sports Federations by providing managed access to leading sponsoring brands. These brands have clear target geographic areas of interest and sports which they wish to support and leverage- SponsorForce and MEI will facilitate introductions and support negotiations.


The MEI-led Hosts and Federations Summit in Lausanne on 7 – 9 June (www.majoreventssummit.com) is the first milestone in this relationship with a dedicated sponsorship briefing for the circa 40 participating International Federations. This session will also include an outline of support services provided by regional MEI Associates, leading to a comprehensive overview of what support is available for rights holders. 


SponsorForce Founder and CEO Shoto Zhu said “Following a period of detailed market analysis of the fastest route to provide Federations with access to predominantly Chinese and Japan-based brands, we concluded that MEI has the connectivity and relationships which will deliver us success much faster than we can under our existing arrangements. We welcome the opportunity to engage directly with International Federations at the MEI Summit in June and better understand their funding needs.”


MEI CEO Dennis Mills said, “The range of services we now offer International Federations continues to grow and we are delighted that our new relationship with Sponsorforce will enhance Sponsorship support. MEI is well placed to act as a single point of contact to access new revenue streams and advice on how to make events more efficient with a stronger and more sustainable legacy. The relationship with SponsorForce is a perfect fit. We welcome interest from any organisations that wish to join the sponsorship briefing either in Lausanne or using our online platform.” 


Hosts & Federations Summit


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