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Maximising Venue Profitability: The Importance of Utilisation-Oriented Planning and Minor Adjustments

17th March 2023

Recently, on the 15th of February Alex, CEO of ES:ME and George, Senior Lighting Technician spoke at the Coliseum Summit MENA 2023, in Dubai, to an audience of stadium planners and owners and highlighted how optimised venue utilisation is crucial to the success of any event and the venues profitability at a later stage.

ES:ME were keen to discuss the benefits of including AV experts into the planning and design phase of a venue as minor adjustments in the planning and construction phase can have a significant impact to the venue’s utilisation and subsequent profitability.


Common Problems in Venue Utilisation

When setting up stadiums for events, there are numerous challenges that need to be overcome such as but not limited to: difficult logistics, technical deficiencies, and not fully utilising crew efficiencies due to sub-optimal infrastructure and facilities. Introducing practical event setup knowledge in the venue planning process will lead to improved, more cost-efficient utilisation along with a better attendee experience.

One of the most significant challenges is the lack of crew facilities, catering areas and changing rooms, all of which can cause disruptions to the work schedule. As an example, the crew would have to leave the site to get lunch therefore wasting valuable time that could have been spent fulfilling other tasks.

Another issue which frequently arises during the stadium setup is the delivery and unloading phase. Truck access can be challenging due to size and weight restrictions. In addition, the venue's loading dock can sometimes present access problems due to insufficient service elevators or lifts to the roof. The landing platforms may also be too small or non-existent. These challenges can lead to delays during the loading and unloading process, further impacting the efficiency of the crew's work.

Limited access to the roof or catwalk can also make it more difficult to hang equipment along with insufficient distribution of roof hanging points for AV loads along with inadequate power supply and primary power distribution positions only being at floor level. In addition, cable runs ins, areas to place dimmer/distros or controls can either be missing or too small in the roof which also add to the difficulties faced by the crew during setup. It is crucial for event planners and stadium management to anticipate these issues in the planning and design process in order to make adequate preparations and ensure a smooth, efficient setup process.


Solutions to Venue Utilization problems

To illustrate the importance of proper planning, Alex and George focused on the recent case study from the FIFA Arab Cup Opening Ceremony. If only, a few minor adjustments were made to the hanging points for the event equipment, AV companies such as, ES:ME would have been able to save 40 man-days on the bump-in and out process alone. Energy and equipment rental usage could have also been reduced by 15-20% whilst, the number of accommodated shows could increase by 20-30%, if there was improved access to loading areas.

We believe that utilisation-oriented venue planning is the key to maximising venue profitability. By consulting with us or other AV experts, we can optimise your stadium project and make minor adjustments in the planning phase which, will make a huge positive impact in the venue’s utilisation phase. ES:ME can also assess your current stadiums and arenas for suggested upgrades to ensure that you are making the most of your facilities.

In conclusion, venue utilisation issues can be challenging but, with the right planning and adjustments, these can easily be overcome.  Our team has the expertise to help you navigate these challenges and improve the efficiency and profitability of your venue.

If you are either planning or operating a stadium setup, check out our free planning checklist here: https://es-me.net/coliseum/