MEI Member - Making Waves Poland will now move forward under a new name: NoA Ignite Poland

17th February 2021

If there is one thing that many companies have realised in 2020, it is the importance of having a strong digital backbone to support their business. The global health crisis has forced many of them to pivot and speed up their digital transformation to safeguard their business and keep their customers engaged. 


To keep up with the rapidly changing digital realm in today's world, Making Waves have decided to make a shift in their strategy. To become their clients’ and other partners’ powerhouse for digital growth, the Making Waves offices in Kraków, Oslo and Stockholm join forces with their Danish sister agency Hello Great Works. 


This is not a radical change. For several years already, the four offices were part of the North Alliance (NoA) and together, they have helped many clients to create top-notch digital experiences to support their business. However, they will shift their focus slightly by strengthening their e-commerce capabilities to help their clients to monetise their business even more. 

 From 18th February we invite you to read more about this rebranding on their website:


What will change for you?  

Practically nothing – the name and visual identity will be changed, but the conditions of cooperation and the people behind the brand are still the same partners you’ve been working with up to now. By joining forces with the other NoA Ignite offices in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, the services of NoA Ignite Poland will only get better and will offer the know how and skills that will future-proof your business to face the exciting digital world we live in today.