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New Strategic Partnership with ADG (China)

16th May 2022

New Strategic Partnership ADG (China) MEI (London HQ)


Major Events International (MEI) and leading China-based Conference and Expo organiser ADG today announced a strategic collaboration. This will deliver the combined strength of both organisations in China and internationally to mutually support the range of sport, cultural and entertainment business events run by both companies. 


With Beijing having successfully delivered the last Winter Olympics, the continued growth in participation in sports and events throughout China, regardless of on-going Covid challenges, this is a vibrant and growing market of interest to international delegates. 


Equally, there is increasing interest in Chinese Brands and event suppliers who are seeking new rights holder engagement opportunities and the ADG/MEI relationship can support the market profile and connectivity of objectives for their respective clients.


The MEI-led Hosts and Federations Summit in Lausanne on 7 – 9 June is the first milestone in this relationship with a virtual platform allowing access to networking and exhibiting pre and post the Summit and content using the catch-up facility. Thereafter, ADG have two events of significance which MEI will also promote and they are World Winter Sports Expo and China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo.


ADG Vice President Li Zhang said “Sports, Entertainment and Cultural events continue to innovate and are increasingly international in terms of participants and those who supply this iconic market. Working with MEI delivers us a stronger international audience for our events. We seek to mutually support each other in terms of promotion and content and look forward to being a virtual attendee at the June Summit this year.”


MEI CEO Dennis Mills said, “ADG deliver some great events of direct relevance to our community and continued growth in China is one of our enduring strategic objectives. Working together, we can deliver a powerful capability to ensure we both satisfy our clients, continue to innovate and grow our combined presence in the events industry. The hybrid event in Lausanne and on line in June is just the start of this enduring relationship and I am delighted that ADG and MEI have joined forces and we look forward to closely working with them.” 



Major Events International (MEI) are experts in the business of sports events which with City Activation includes cultural, tourism and trade activities within a integrated plan. The business model is to manage and support the interface between rights holders seeking host cities, sponsors and commercial partners to help them innovate and this manifests itself via Summits, market visits or dedicated workshops on sectors or themes. Diagnostic workshops help support the identification of strategy options, actions and deadlines by providing an external perspective to help support client senior management and those responsibility for delivery of the outputs from this work.



Asia Digital Group is a world-leading service platform integrating market research, venture management & incubator, exhibition and conference, international exchange, and media communication. The exhibitions and conferences include: "World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo", founded in 2016, now one of the largest and most authoritative ice and snow sports expo in the world; "China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo", the only expo hosted by the General Administration of Sport of China, which is a grand sports culture and tourism expo participated by sports bureaus, sports brands, manufactures, as well as global sports organizations, and has been held in Guangzhou since 2018.



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