Paris 2024: Accompanied Visit

Paris 2024: Accompanied Visit

6th September 2019

Back in June at the Major Events Summit, representatives from Paris 2024 joined us via video link to brief the delegates.

As a result of this, MEI organised a visit to the Paris 2024 offices with a handful of members for the 23rd August. The delegation met for dinner on the 22nd August which was a chance for everyone to meet in a social environment and experience proper French cuisine and start to absorb the wonderful atmosphere of this future Olympic host city.


The following day, everyone arrived in the morning and met with Paul Taylor from the British Embassy in France for a quick debrief before meeting Fabrice Lacroix, Chief Finance and Compliance Officer for Paris 2024. This visit was not a chance for delegates to dive into a sales pitch as the aim with MEI is always to enhance the transfer of knowledge and best practice and it worked perfectly.


Conversation flowed between the delegates and Fabrice discussing capabilities and experiences. Fabrice asked plenty of questions and spoke about procurement before outlining plans for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The afternoon was topped off by the CEO of the Paris 2024 Games, Etienne Thobois, coming into the meeting room and introducing himself to MEI and the delegates.