Smarter communication with fans, state of industry and fan engagement insights for 2021

11th February 2021

Innovation and technology are redefining all industries, and sport is no exception. Today all organizations are immersed in the digital transformation by making it part of their day to day processes. In the sports sector we see it reflected more intensely in areas such as teams and athlete’s performance, data analytics, smart stadiums, media and broadcasting, sponsorship, and above all, in what makes this industry move with passion and emotion: the fans.


This month MEI Partners Global Sports Innovation Centre (GSIC) spoke with Danny Cortenraede –  Serial Entrepreneur, experienced executive and investor with a successful track record of building high growth companies. Danny summarized how 2020 finished for sports entertainment industry providing some invaluable insights on what we could expect in 2021.

See some of Danny's insights and his answers to some complex industry related questions using the link here .