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Voyage Control repurposed to help with temporary hospitals

8th April 2020

On any ordinary day in Vancouver, the Voyage Control software is used to help with scheduling the arrival of event traffic for trade shows and events that happen at Vancouver Convention Centre. The software has been utilised for over 25 shows since 2018 and is also utilised by the neighbouring cruise terminal and on several major construction projects around the city. 


In response to the challenges that Covid-19 has brought, the convention centre were tasked with adapting the use of their facilities into a temporary hospital to help alleviate some of the pressure on local hospitals that are having to deal with an influx of patients infected with the coronavirus. As a result, they reached out to Voyage Control for help with coordinating staff and vehicles on-site.


The newly converted facility will be used as a space for non-coronavirus patients, taking some of the pressure off of well-equipped hospitals to deal with the influx of coronavirus patients in the next few weeks and months and reducing the spread of COVID-19. Due to their success in delivering a robust solution for events, Voyage Control have adapted their software to be used as an access control system for medical staff as well as for the delivery of goods to the site. 


From their client: "It’s pretty awesome that in less than one week, we took a vehicle management system and turned it into an access control system. Now we are able to control who is allowed and more importantly, at any point in time see (roughly) who is in the building/area to ensure we are working within our capacities due to the safety measures we have to adhere to."