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MEI Premium Member


Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: www.joymo.tv

Contact: info@joymo.no

Best Product Innovation

Joymo offers remote broadcasting solutions that enable federations, leagues, clubs and athletes to film or livestream training, matches, events or competitions by utilising the camera on their mobile device. The platform includes the ability to record, store and distribute video content live and on demand, whilst giving event owners complete control over their content, data and on-page advertising.

Joymo maintains that sport organisations should have the opportunity to monetise their individual IP and is simple to set up, cost-effective, scalable and delivers a high-quality video stream – a best-of-all-worlds solution.

Only Joymo has a proposition that delivers for grassroots sports, all the way up to elite level, allowing content producers to:

  • Film safely and securely
  • Stream live and store for on-demand viewing
  • Provide ownership of everything they film and all the user data
  • Sell digital tickets/passes
  • Advertise to sponsors

This innovative and holistic approach is filling a huge gap in the market, levelling up the playing field and democratising the streaming industry for long-tail sports.

With sport event organisers at the heart of its product development, Joymo has secured a stream of partnerships in the past year with the likes of Sport & Recreation Alliance, Welsh Sports Association and Basketball Ireland, growing from streaming five sports in one market (Norway) to more than 20 different sports in 15 different territories.

MEI Premium Member


Category: Event Technology

Website: leverade.com/en/

Contact: antonio@leverade.com

LEVERADE Real Play is the leading platform for federations and professional competition management.

LEVERADE provides data infrastructure, modular apps and management platforms for federations and professional competitions.

1) Licenses, registrations, referee assignments, accounting, online payments, scheduling, competitions, sanctions
2) API for easing integrations with other software providers. Integrations with Streaming, betting, scoring, events, marketing automation and more
3) Artificial Intelligence for sports. Prediction of marks and results, athlete clustering and benchmarking, promising youth detection
4) Revenue share for federations and competitions with premium services for clubs and athletes

Countless clients and partners across different industries & sports have continued to use and trust LEVERADE including: Swiss Basketball National Federation, Spanish Swimming National Federation, Spanish Tennis National Federation and more than 90 other federations in sports like football, volleyball, american football, rugby, athletics or hockey.

MEI Premium Member

Losberger De Boer

Category: Overlay and Infrastructure

Website: www.losbergerdeboer.com/uk/

Contact: John.Cochrane@losbergerdeboer.com

Losberger De Boer is one of the world’s leading suppliers of temporary and permanent buildings. We are a premium event supplier, whose modular structures and buildings are used for a wide variety of events. Applications range from small catering tents to massive, multi-story hospitality pavilions and from support structures to spectating platforms and large-scale venues for fairs and expositions. Our modular construction method is also used for commercial purposes and public use, and we also offer military and humanitarian applications.

A centennial company

Losberger De Boer was founded over 100 years ago, in 1919, in Heilbronn, Germany. The company is the result of the merger between Losberger and De Boer Structures. Losberger De Boer is headquartered in Fürfeld, Germany and has offices, production facilities and teams across the world. All Losberger De Boer buildings and temporary structures are designed and produced in-house, and adhere to the strictest standards in terms of quality and safety. Our products are available for sale or to rent.

Our core value is embedded in the company slogan ‘Committed to your Success’. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible space solution and the best customer experience.

MEI Premium Member

Miller Insurance

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: miller-insurance.com

Contact: info@miller-insurance.com

As a global provider of specialist risk management and insurance services to individuals and organisations in Sports & Entertainment, we draw on unparalleled experience and a deep understanding of the sector to help clients identify and manage risk and mitigate its possible financial impact.


Providing an integrated service under one roof, from risk-based advice and services, to insurance placement and claims handling, we help high profile organisations to identify, manage and, where appropriate, transfer their risks to the insurance market. Including international federations, rights holders and event managers, governing bodies, sponsors, professional teams and broadcasters. We provide the support they need to develop and grow businesses with confidence.


We provide cover across all facets of Sports and Entertainment, including but not limited to, Contingency/Event Cancellation/Non-appearance, Personal Accident & Illness, Media Liability, Cyber risks and many more.


MEI Premium Member

RedSodaCo Limited


Website: www.redsodaco.com

Contact: tony@redsodaco.com

RedSoda innovate, design, source, manufacture and deliver.

With substantial supply chain and retail experience we operate on-demand services for small personalised quantities through to large scale bespoke ranges, delivering direct to the client or consumer solutions.

Comprehensive category expertise : apparel, professional performance wear, health , fitness, promotional merchandise, giftware and souvenirs.

MEI Premium Member


Category: Event Technology

Website: www.syroxevents.com/

Contact: Julian@syrox.co.uk

With over 15 years’ experience in web, mobile-app and application development Syrox has built strong affiliations within the sport and event sector, having developed many bespoke solutions for the likes of FIFA, Getty Images, IMG and UEFA. 

We specialise in secure data and guest-focused solutions, by using a data-driven approach we help organisers and federations strengthen their relationship with their partners, VIPs and guests before, during and after the event. Through flexible attributes and planning, resulting in both enjoyable and productive participation.

Our solutions include flexible invitation and registration, accreditation and access control, guest agenda planning, press and media scheduling, accommodation and transport management, all of which can be integrated with any other system, mobile-app and website via the API. Our latest paperless mobile-app was developed with sustainability in mind, utilising secure token authentication for access, event details and guest communications.