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Global Infusion Group (GIG)

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: globalinfusiongroup.com/

Contact: hello@globalinfusiongroup.com

Global Infusion Group (GIG) is a global catering, hospitality and brand experience company.

Since 1984, GIG have been recognised for award winning credentials with high profile, long standing clients, encompassing sport, music, TV, Film, entertainment and corporate events. Headquartered in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, and with facilities in Asia, Middle East and USA, their trading divisions collaborate with an extensive worldwide network of accredited partners and suppliers to deliver exceptional events, unique experiences and unparalleled brand activations.

Gracenote Sports

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: gracenote.com

Contact: sales@nielsen.com


Gracenote, a Nielsen company, helps people connect to the Music, TV shows, Movies and Sports they love across the world’s most popular entertainment platforms and devices, from Apple to Amazon to Time Warner Cable and Tesla to FIFA and Olympic Games. In May 2015, Gracenote acquired Infostrada Sports and SportsDirect to form Gracenote Sports.  Gracenote Sports’ Event Services delivers world-class data and information on sports and athletes to Organizing Committees to support quality coverage by media publishers and broadcasters to engage audiences and boost positive perception worldwide. This includes setting up Media and Broadcaster INFO Systems as well as managing Games News Services to deliver News and Flash Quote Services.

Hap Solutions

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: hapgroup.co.uk

Contact: sales@hapgroup.co.uk

Hap Solutions Group are leading market specialists providing flexible workforce solutions and unrivalled expertise to deliver outstanding customer experiences to the market.

Hap Solutions’ flexible and scalable solution fits seamlessly within your existing business operations - where and when your business requires it. Hap’s ability to match your changes in demand optimises your operational efficiency, leaving you free to focus entirely on driving your business forward in a cost-effective way.


Hap creates value for their customers through a flexible approach, a determination for quality and the desire to create partnerships – not just relationships. We are committed to making a difference in any operation – complex requirements don’t need to be a hassle!


Hap Solutions core areas of expertise lie in; Hospitality, Security & Stewarding, Festivals & Events, Promotions, Sales, Market research, Stadiums / arenas and so much more! 


Countless organisations rely on Hap solutions capabilities to improve their operational efficiencies including the likes of; Alexandra Palace,  Rugby world Cup, Cricket world cup Twickenham Stadium, The Olympic Park, Samsung, Manchester Airport, NHS, and the national lottery.

ID&C / Identilam

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: https://www.idcband.com

Contact: uk@idcband.com

ID&C stands for Identification & Control, which is the core of our business. In 1999 we introduced the UK's first fabric festival wristband at Glastonbury; a product which is now widely used at festivals and events around the world. While the business still supplies millions of tyvek, vinyl, fabric and silicone wristbands to all kinds of events, ID&C now also provide a whole range of accreditation products such as lanyards, laminate passes, festival guides and ID cards. - https://www.idcband.com/


Identilam offers effective badging solutions whether you want to print badges before your event or onsite when attendees check in. Their software is developed by UK-based engineers and their support team is always here for you to make sure everything goes smoothly. - https://identilam.co.uk/


Category: Event Technology

Website: incognitus.com

Contact: info@incognitus.com

‘Incognitus is a global consulting and event management organisation specialising in the leisure, sport and entertainment market. Our focus is always on the positioning of our services in support of the client. With the use of simple technology combined with extensive operational knowledge, we design, develop and operate specific outcomes and strategic solutions on an International platform. With permanent operations within Australia, UK and the USA, the partners of Incognitus have nurtured and harnessed their vision to provide professional and confident business advice, whilst facilitating solutions for businesses in need.


Incognitus: (noun) Latin of Incognito; to be behind the scenes, quietly and confidently in support, a faceless strength to be behind the scenes.’

International Association of Event Hosts (IAEH)

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: www.eventhosts.org

Contact: admin@eventhosts.org

The International Association of Event Hosts (IAEH) exists for representatives of international destinations to collaborate together to generate the best possible value from hosting major sporting and cultural events, and provide a voice for not for profit hosts of events. IAEH provides a platform for members to learn from the successes and challenges of major events, share knowledge and generate greater long term social and economic benefits from hosting events.