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International Federations Summit 2021


2021 International Federations Summit 



International Federations Summit 2021 Review


This 4th edition of the International Federations summits previously held in Lausanne Switzerland aimed to ‘tear up the rule book for virtual summits’ and focus on connectivity with intimate, highly focused workshops across a range of disciplines.


The two-day summit on the 21st & 22nd April 2021 involved 20 individual, 90 minute workshops with a total of 177 attendees consisting of 53 different sports federations, 53 commercial companies and 13 host cities represented. The summit offered staggered timings to accommodate our international community and attendees in different time zones, with all workshops recorded and uploaded onto the online platform to allow users to re visit or catch up on any sessions missed throughout the 2 days.  The workshops gave the attendee’s an opportunity to introduce their organisation, pose questions and discuss topical industry themes with their session cohort and the session ‘VIP’s’. The overall reaction to the summit so far has been very positive and we are confident that the trust in our ability to enhance knowledge transfer and manage the interface between rights holders and commercial suppliers has delivered all attendees with a much-valued experience. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the insightful discussions and made this summit a success!


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IFS2021 Testimonials 

We sponsored a workshop at the IFS as it allowed us to get more brand awareness and new connections. I would recommend future sponsorship as it provided value for money: for a company we are trying to target stadium and venues, it had all the right delegates to do that.”- Ali Nasser, Sales Director - Arana Security 


MEI gives us the precious opportunity to network with the major stakeholders within the global sport events ecosystem. They provide a unique platform to exchange ideas within this network, discuss industry challenges and shape the future, which is key to us to serve our clients with the best solutions.-  Samantha Lamberti- Nielsen


“I really enjoyed the interactive and inspirational discussions with all our guests. It was one of the best virtual events, I have participated in since the start of COVID.” - Susanne Lenz, Broadcast Consultant - Union Cycliste Internationale


Congratulations on a great online summit. The improvement, quality and engagement from last time was exponential and the general feeling I perceived was very satisfactory. - VALENTINA MATTIOLI, Teams Coordinator - FIBA 3 X 3 


“The IFS sponsorship provided real value for money for us as it was a great chance to build brand awareness and new relationships, especially with the VIP guests. The more informal format was successful. Overall a great contact base with good participation and engagement.”- Laura Wignall, Contact Business Development Manager- Gravity Media 


Congratulations to the entire Major Events International Team for hosting the International Federations Summit over the past two days. Global networking and knowledge sharing at its best! You guys are leading the way in virtual summits, and what an awesome platform, bravo Events Air. This was an essential and valuable opportunity to remain up to date and connected with the world of major events specialists. Thank you! - Katrina De Jersey, KDJ Communique


It was a very productive workshop where we could share practical experiences and innovative ideas, with the participation of professionals who are true leaders in their businesses, and many learnings to develop in our own Federations. The International Federation Summit is extremely interesting, interactive and positive. Congratulations to the entire Major Events International Ltd team. It was an honour to participate. - Michel Cutait, Deputy Secratary General, World Obstacle 


“I thought the format for this morning's first session was excellent. A refreshing switch up from the usual 'sit and listen' zoom calls.”- Hamish Muiry Head of Sales UK & APAC, M2A Media


"Congratulations to the great organisation and interesting sessions at the summit! – Christoph Oberlehner - Secretary General , International Fistball Association (IFA)