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  • International Federations Summit 2020 Report

    For those who didn't make the Summit, here is a summary of the event.

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    "I have always felt that there is room for learning from other Federations and Governing Bodies- and the suppliers who make our events so successful. As we enter an age of unprecedented change in sport, there has never been a more important time to come together and share best practice and learn how we can mitigate risk, minimise costs and maximise revenues and efficiencies. The only way to keep up with innovation, is to understand and embrace it" comments Tom Dielen, General Secretary, MEI partner Federation, World Archery.

    This echoes comments from the Executive Director of ASOIF in ‘The Future of Global Sport’ report which, “sends a clear message to International Federations on how they should deal with commercial entities and private companies.” Alongside SportAccord, the Summit was a manifestation of this new era of collaboration.

    In order to maximise IF numbers, the Summit focused on the issues that are on the agenda of International Federations, specifically:

    Archery, Hockey, Sailing, Skiing, Rowing, Table Tennis, Squash, Cycling, Volleyball, 3x3 Basketball, Canoeing, Modern Pentathlon, Skating, Extreme Sports and The World Urban Games were just some of the activities that took place.

    Join us next year If you have a solution for them that will minimise risk, reduce costs, or grow revenues/ fan engagement, to learn about the challenges and share how you can help.

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