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Major Events Summit 2020

SAVE THE DATE : The next UK Events Summit will be held on the 23rd February 2022 in Manchester, UK 


Major Events Summit 2020

The aim was to make the Summit a truly transformational experience and not simply a “workaround – one-off” replacement to the iconic annual gathering. To reach a more global community where travel has routinely been a challenge for Sports Rights Holders as well as expert suppliers, and to experiment with this approach in our future Summits. We are proud to have welcomed over 1100 attendees joined us from up to 65 countries, with over 750 of them representing up to 300 event organisations. The reaction so far has been very positive, and we are confident that the trust in our ability to enhance knowledge transfer and the managed interface between event organisers and market experts has delivered everybody with a much-valued experience. The three days offered staggered timings to ensure that Asian and North American markets were not disadvantaged, and the content will be recorded and will be available for the remainder of the week. A networking App, the ability to submit questions and a post-event report will ensure that participants will have more information.


We provide specialist business consultancy within the major sports event market

We have a proven record of success for companies seeking to win business in international sporting events. Our team of experts connect clients of all sizes across multiple sectors to iconic international sporting events. We have global recognition and extensive prestigious references which pass from event to event and therefore country to country.

Watch an overview of our Major Events July Summit here :