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Taylor Bridges

Category: Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Website: www.taylorbridgesconsultancy.com/

Contact: info@taylorbridgesconsultancy.com

Taylor Bridges/Safe and Trained are the experts at helping companies to prevent and manage major incidences in the workplace – no matter the industry. We offer niche training & consultancy that will cover any safety, security, compliance or traffic management related needs.


Telstra Broadcast Services

Category: Event Technology

Website: https://www.telstra.co.uk/en

Contact: telstra.broadcast@team.telstra.com

Telstra Broadcast Services is a global media leader with a proven track record in the media and entertainment industry. Adding to the strength of Telstra, we bring cloud-first strategy as well as broadcast and media connectivity to help customers deliver content from anywhere to everywhere. Working in partnership, we understand the challenges of a competitive media marketplace and develop innovative broadcast solutions to solve them. With a dedicated team of media industry professionals and 24/7 support from our global broadcast operations centres, we offer high-performance media networks, online and video cloud platforms, world-class satellite services, managed productions, and end-to-end playout services.

TEMBO Creates


Website: https://www.tembocreates.com/

Contact: haydn@tembocreates.com

TEMBO is a fresh approach to marketing, content production and event management.

If you are an organiser of events, or a supplier of event services, we help you grow and enhance your business.

If you need support and expertise to help launch a campaign, increase momentum or overcome resource challenges we can provide the right people at the right time.

For more information on the full range of services we offer please visit https://www.tembocreates.com/ or contact us using the details provided here.

Ticket Manager

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: https://ticketmanager.com/

Contact: info@ticketmanager.com

TicketManager is a leading event and guest management platform that empowers companies to make client entertainment easy and drive greater ROI. It offers convenient and simple tech to manage corporate sports and entertainment tickets, create exceptional guest life cycle experiences, and reports on the effectiveness of all engagement in real time.


TicketManager is the choice of over 500 globally known companies like Verizon, FedEx, Adidas, Anheuser-Busch, Nissan and Mastercard, plus hundreds of pro and college teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and NCAA.


TicketManager is based in Calabasas, Calif., with six offices globally managing and automating more than 30 million invitations, registrations, and tickets every year. For more information, visit https://ticketmanager.com/.


Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: https://www.tomorrowmade.io

Contact: saled@tomorrowmade.io

Tomorrowmade is a full service freight brokerage firm focused on rapidly accelerating the supply chain and logistics industry into the new age. Fundamentally, we believe our clients and ourselves should be focusing more time on our ambitions and less on paperwork and mistakes.


Category: Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Website: https://www.tt-sec.com/

Contact: didierkassas@tt-sec.com

TT-Sec Global offers turn-key accreditation and access control solutions to event organizers, security teams, and venues around the world. With over thirty years of experience within the field, from festivals, sports tournaments, and governments, they offer consultancy, software, and tailored support to their clients. Their easy-to-use, affordable and integrative platforms are designed to protect your people, properties, and data at all times. Their systems allow for the registration of participants, application vetting, the monitoring and controlling of access points and crowd-flow, and much more. TT-Sec Global offers solutions that fit your security needs, no matter the scale.