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Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: https://welsafe.co.uk/

Contact: info@welsafe.co.uk

W.E.L.Safe CIC (Community Interest Company) is an experienced not for profit service delivered by expert hands with years of practical experience of delivering welfare at large scale events and festivals. Additionally we providing standard and bespoke training to event staff, community member’s and volunteers, alongside creating cutting edge and creative projects that engage and educate audience’s and communities.

Working alongside large scale events and third party suppliers for many  years, we ensure best practice and full care standards are adhered to at all times. We work proactively to address any concerns as they arise, creating smooth lines of communication between departments, effective information sharing and safeguarding of patrons is at the heart of all our polices and procedures.

Wiz Team

Category: Event Technology

Website: wiz-team.sport/

Contact: tim@wiz-team.com

Created in 2012, Wiz-Team are The Event Experts, with head offices in Lausanne, Switzerland and with registered subsidiaries in Brussels (Belgium) and Kiev (Ukraine). Wiz-Team brings more than 15 years of experience in event management solutions such as Event-Works, a SaaS (Software as a Service) all-in-one event management platform as well as event consultancy, delivery and data management. Event-Works is designed by event managers for event managers and provides a flexible and scalable tool to empower event professionals to manage both single and multi sports competitions as well as high service level meetings such as general assemblies, workshops, congresses and other events. Its modular approach (such as Online registrations /and Entries, Accreditations, Access Control, Accommodation & Volunteer management) means Event-Works is highly scalable and can easily be tailored without external help to cater for various event types.


XCEL Bespoke

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: https://www.xcelbespoke.co.uk/

Contact: Andrew@xcelbespoke.co.uk

We are a global procurement specialist service company based in the UK, with offices in Australia , China ,Bangladesh and Pakistan, we offer a complete one – stop solution for the design ,manufacture and distribution of Branded Apparel & Merchandise . Collaborating with leading brands, helping craft their strategies, and delivering on their global supply chains . Our aim is to operate our value chain in the most responsible way possible Ethically and Sustainably ,sharing   our ethos of ingenuity, passion, creativity, and loyalty that turn innovative experiences into meaningful and iconic collaborations.

You Smart Thing (YST)

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: https://yousmartthing.com/for-organisations/

Contact: hello@yousmartthing.com

Enhance visitor experience and increase spending by guiding people to venues and events the smart way: personalised; accessible; sustainable…

Our intuitive online travel assistant service can be tailored to optimise engagement, data capture, people flow, dwell time and revenue generation. It enables destinations, venues, and events to offer visitors curated low-carbon door-to-door travel plans and content-enhanced wayfinding.

Easily embedded within web, mobile, ticket booking and customer relationship management systems, ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ adds an additional personalisation layer to services such as Google Maps. This allows destination operators to capture and maintain the visitor relationship, rather than handing off to third parties for travel planning and directions.

Unlike Google, ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ enables bespoke multi-modal routeing directly to venue access points whilst capturing a valuable forecast of visitors’ travel plans. This data can be used for travel demand management, to manage disruptions, improve accessibility, influence modal choices, measure transit based Co2 emissions, and for highly targeted marketing. Click through rates from travel alerts average 67%! 

‘You. Smart. Thing.’ landing pages provide personalised GDPR compliant travel guidance alongside optional rich media content promoting relevant information or offers, at the point of consideration, booking confirmation, or in follow-up communications.