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Category: Event Technology

Website: incognitus.com

Contact: info@incognitus.com

‘Incognitus is a global consulting and event management organisation specialising in the leisure, sport and entertainment market. Our focus is always on the positioning of our services in support of the client. With the use of simple technology combined with extensive operational knowledge, we design, develop and operate specific outcomes and strategic solutions on an International platform. With permanent operations within Australia, UK and the USA, the partners of Incognitus have nurtured and harnessed their vision to provide professional and confident business advice, whilst facilitating solutions for businesses in need.


Incognitus: (noun) Latin of Incognito; to be behind the scenes, quietly and confidently in support, a faceless strength to be behind the scenes.’


Category: Event Technology

Website: https://odiho.com

Contact: gauthier.dalle@odiho.com

Odiho brings Sound to your Customers. Odiho brings sound to mobiles devices and creates unique engagement experiences through outdoor signage and retail engagment marketing, wait marketing, retail indoor experiences and at your events.


Telstra Broadcast Services

Category: Event Technology

Website: https://www.telstra.co.uk/en

Contact: telstra.broadcast@team.telstra.com

Telstra Broadcast Services is a global media leader with a proven track record in the media and entertainment industry. Adding to the strength of Telstra, we bring cloud-first strategy as well as broadcast and media connectivity to help customers deliver content from anywhere to everywhere. Working in partnership, we understand the challenges of a competitive media marketplace and develop innovative broadcast solutions to solve them. With a dedicated team of media industry professionals and 24/7 support from our global broadcast operations centres, we offer high-performance media networks, online and video cloud platforms, world-class satellite services, managed productions, and end-to-end playout services.

Wiz Team

Category: Event Technology

Website: wiz-team.sport/

Contact: tim@wiz-team.com

Created in 2012, Wiz-Team are The Event Experts, with head offices in Lausanne, Switzerland and with registered subsidiaries in Brussels (Belgium) and Kiev (Ukraine). Wiz-Team brings more than 15 years of experience in event management solutions such as Event-Works, a SaaS (Software as a Service) all-in-one event management platform as well as event consultancy, delivery and data management. Event-Works is designed by event managers for event managers and provides a flexible and scalable tool to empower event professionals to manage both single and multi sports competitions as well as high service level meetings such as general assemblies, workshops, congresses and other events. Its modular approach (such as Online registrations /and Entries, Accreditations, Access Control, Accommodation & Volunteer management) means Event-Works is highly scalable and can easily be tailored without external help to cater for various event types.