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Category: Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Website: https://www.tt-sec.com/

Contact: didierkassas@tt-sec.com

TT-Sec Global offers turn-key accreditation and access control solutions to event organizers, security teams, and venues around the world. With over thirty years of experience within the field, from festivals, sports tournaments, and governments, they offer consultancy, software, and tailored support to their clients. Their easy-to-use, affordable and integrative platforms are designed to protect your people, properties, and data at all times. Their systems allow for the registration of participants, application vetting, the monitoring and controlling of access points and crowd-flow, and much more. TT-Sec Global offers solutions that fit your security needs, no matter the scale.


Category: Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Website: https://www.tytekmedical.com/

Contact: matt@tytekgroup.com

Time Critical Emergency Supplies

TyTek Medical is a manufacturer of compact, pre-hospital emergency medical supplies for trauma care. Our proven product range was engineered for military medics to provide emergency battlefield treatment and are in use all over the world.

Vaylia ®

Category: Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Website: www.vaylia.com/

Contact: info@vaylia.com

Vaylia protect permanent and temporary perimeters with secure physical and electronic measures such as:

  • Fences & Gates
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)
  • CCTV and video analytics
  • Radar and detection systems
  • Electric fences
  • Street furniture and planters

Many of the products we offer have been tested to rigorous government and international standards and many are ‘Secured by Design’ - the Official Police Security Initiative.

Our employees have worked on protecting some of the most high-profile events, including:

  • London 2012
  • Glasgow 2014
  • G8 2013
  • UK Party Conferences

Being independent contractors and specifiers, we can offer a wide range of products to suit a project, not tied to any single manufacturer.

Our team’s vast experience means we can offer a turn-key solution which is fit-for-purpose, cost-effective, delivered on time and which meets the requirements of the all stakeholders.