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Alchemy Project

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: http://alchemyproject.co

Contact: info@alchemyproject.co

Alchemy Project is one of the leading event management & entertainment companies in the MENA region, with its offices & operations across multiple international territories such as Qatar, Turkey, Brazil, USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, KSA, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, and Greece, specialized in event management and entertainment across the sectors of family entertainment & theatre, music and live events, Food & Beverage hospitality, high profile sports projects, corporate events and related projects of such. 

Within only 10 years of its establishment, Alchemy Project has managed to place itself as one of the best and fastest growing event management and entertainment companies in the region through presenting the best titles worldwide and reaching over 400 million people within its projects. Alchemy Project has organized over 1,000 events globally and have hosted over 400 international top celebrities and artists. 

Arana Security

Category: Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Website: www.aranasecurity.com

Contact: info@aranasecurity.com

Arana Security is a tech company on a mission to bring clients the most up to date biometric solutions and Applications. With an in-house team of developers, we strive to meet our clients’ needs by producing customised solutions.


We offer Biometric solutions, including access control, payment and biometric ID, as well as CCTV and Application development.

We work on the basis of providing full end-to-end solutions to our clients, managing projects from start to finish. We work with manufacturers such as Idemia and Digicon to bring innovative touchless technology which offers the best in security.


With our extensive experience delivering such solutions internationally to both public and private sector organisations, we ensure that we find the best solution for you. We work across different sectors, including: - Governmental - Healthcare – Events- Financial - Education - Transport and Airports – Leisure and Commercial buildings. 


Our development team have developed a customisable application specifically for the events sector which allows for easy enrolment, e-ticketing, verification and authentication!

Australian Frontline Solutions

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: www.afsgroup.net.au

Contact: contact@afsgroup.net

The AFS Group offer nationally recognised & tailored training courses to help you get qualified & stay compliant, as well as providing security services locally and interntaionally or consultancy for those with other providers. Additionally, under the Secure Tour brand, AFS provide specialist services to the tourism and events industries, catering for both domestic and international markets.

Australian Frontline Solutions (AFS Group)

Category: Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Website: www.afsgroup.net.au

Contact: contact@afsgroup.net.au

Since 1989 the AFS Group has provided a specialised, tailored service offering delivering peace of mind to both international and domestic events. Our unique offering and skill set enables us to deliver the highest level of safety and security within our industry.

We have an overarching focus on luxury, high-end experiences with a clear differentiation on safety and security. AFS has a unique range of staff & services that can assist with your specialised event.

All of our approved venues and locations are vetted for their suitability using our exclusive assessment process which rates their combined security and safety aspects. There is no other organisation that is able to provide you with in-house licensed security and safety experts that are also experienced and qualified in event management. Whether you are on business or leisure, you will be safe and secure.

Catalytic Solutions

Category: Event Technology

Website: www.catalyticsolutions.co.uk

Contact: info@catalyticsolutions.co.uk

Tailor-Made Event Management Suites.

For over 40 years Catalytic has delivered event management software that has never failed to do what was asked of it. Not once.

Whatever your event we have a solution that will deliver seamless, simple-to-use, software automation and efficiency to your planning, management, ticketing, exhibitors and more in real-time.

We offer six different event management suites to choose from. Each is tailored to a specific event type, each facilitating unique functions with unique functionality. This includes expos, trade & agricultural shows, conferences & functions, festivals & concerts, weddings & celebrations, as well as various sporting events.

With a team dedicated solely to digital event management and coordination technologies, we can even develop your own custom build to make your show that much easier to manage.

If you want to change the way you run your events forever… then we’re here to help. 


Category: Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Website: chronosoft.com.au/

Contact: info@chronosoft.com.au

Chronosoft is the market leading provider of control centre and incident management software solutions. Their solutions make your operation safer, more efficient and help you manage and mitigate risk, while meeting your duty of care.

Providing you with a control room platform that enhances your command centre and provides you with real-time information and data on your work environment.

Chronosoft wanted to build a system that would record and capture real time data in an accurate, un-editable log. Their suite of customisable solutions adapts to fit your organisation and operating practices and allows staff to work collaboratively while enhancing communication, collaboration, accountability and your customers’ experience.