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Controlled Events

Category: Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Website: controlledevents.com

Contact: support@controlledevents.com

Controlled Events supports a wide range of major and minor festivals, open-air, mass participation, fixed venue and stadia events with event control and management expertise, Wi-Fi, robust radio hire and our own innovative and award-winning log and notification platform.


Creative Technology

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: ct-group.com/

Contact: info@ctlondon.comv

Creative Technology (CT) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialist Audio Visual equipment to the sports, corporate, exhibition and entertainment industries. Our bespoke events staging services bring together advice, support and equipment of the highest quality, providing everything from large screen displays to content delivery systems.


CT's global reputation for unparalleled levels of customer service results from our innovative application of the latest technology alongside the very best technical and operational personnel. With inventoried offices in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions, CT has established itself as a market leader utilising the strong relationship between the international offices.

Whilst being able to provide equipment and crew to special events, CT can also handle all logistics and support services such as freight, accommodation and local labour. Full turnkey solutions are becoming an increasingly commonplace requirement, particularly on larger projects in the more challenging areas of the globe. CT's long-term experience, management and planning expertise, and global network of suppliers allows major projects to be delivered with local knowledge in a cost-effective manner irrespective of location.

Crowd Dynamics

Category: Event Technology

Website: crowddynamics.com

Contact: enquiries@crowddynamics.com

Crowd Dynamics is the largest independent specialist consultancy in crowd movement, crowd modelling and simulation. We are uniquely positioned to support clients in the safe and efficient movement and management of people. Our skills have helped clients around the world to better plan for and manage large scale events, stadia, leisure venues, visitor attractions, buildings, city centres and transportation hubs.


We are highly respected as world leaders in developing innovative techniques for analysing crowds of people. We have developed state of the art crowd management and simulation technology to complement our service offering. The technology is applied throughout the lifecycle of major events and venues from early design and visitor planning to operational use. This results in optimised crowd safety plans, improved visitor experience and better responses to critical situations.


Crowded Events

Category: Event Technology

Website: www.CrowdedEvents.com

Contact: Hello@CrowdedEvents.com

Leveraging over 90 years combined experience across 15 countries, Crowded Events provides global consultancy and SMART technology harnessing the power of next level systems to transform the way we deliver workforce and crowd management.


Our workforce planning system, CROWDWRK supports organising committees, government stakeholders, suppliers and event organisers manage their Volunteer, Contractor and Paid staff. From Headcount Management, Registration & Talent Management through to Role Assignments, Scheduling and two-way Communication Portal. CROWDWRK is agile and built to work for you and your staff.


Completing our end-to-end workforce solution, we have CROWDHUBx. CROWDHUBx uses our bespoke Cx2 SMART Watches and tailored Hub to monitor workforce through their complete operational journey. Whether its 10 – 10,000 workforce, CROWDHUBx supports with dynamically viewing live deployments of staff, their exact location, the equipment they carry, their callsign, through to geo fencing, access control, attendance tracking, and, monitoring the physicality of the position your staff are deployed on. The Hub can also improve business process, generating invoices, reports and downloadable CSV files allowing smoother reconciliation on hours worked protecting revenue and creating transparency with the client.


CROWDWRK & CROWDHUBx = complete end to end workforce management!


With the advancements of crowd management, 2023, sees CROWDED EVENTS complete the development of their crowd motion platform, CROWDLYTICS. Please get in touch for more details.



Website: www.crowdguard.co.uk

Contact: info@crowdguard.co.uk

Crowdguard are experts in safety, security and crowd management for events, venues, public realm environments, transport hubs or anywhere where there is a need to protect people and manage security risks. We provide a complete solution for supply and installation of a wide range of temporary hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) systems, vehicle security barriers (VSB) and temporary fencing, hoarding, gates and turnstiles.

At Crowdguard we offer a flexible approach to meeting your needs with a variety of feature-packed systems, proven expertise and an agile, responsive service. Our solutions are:

  • Surface mounted for installation virtually anywhere
  • Modular for ease of reconfiguration
  • Suitable for a wide range of safety and security requirements, including vehicle as a weapon terror threats, crowd management, access control and perimeter protection


Cube International

Category: Overlay and Infrastructure

Website: http://www.cubeinternational.co.uk

Contact: theteam@cubeinternational.co.uk

Cube International is all about sport. We are unique in our thinking and strive to reimagine sporting rights, empower rights holders and activate events, ensuring all stakeholders maximise their value.


As a group of integrated companies, founded on the core principles of collaboration and partnership, we are forward thinking in our approach and deliver game changing concepts to the sports, events, licensing, retail and modular building industries.


We believe that the closer we engage and work with our clients, sharing opportunities and creating new initiatives, the better the results. We cherish our partners brands and care for them as if they were our own, protecting their integrity and positioning them at the forefront of our work.


Our team of global industry-leading professionals offer an ecosystem of sports services, enabling full turnkey operations as well as specialised focused solutions, through our subsidiary companies:

CUBE MANAGEMENT - sports event management, event services, infrastructure and overlay

CUBE PARTNERSHIP - sports retail, ecommerce, licensing and merchandise

CUBE MODULAR - modular portable buildings, foldable containers and container conversions

WOMEN’S SPORTS ALLIANCE - the global membership network for individuals in women’s sport


We pride ourselves on working with some of the world’s most iconic sports brands, teams and events and are widely respected for delivering outstanding solutions, experiences and results.