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Direct Access

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: https://directaccessgp.co.uk/

Contact: info@directaccess.group

Our diverse team, 86% who have a disability, provide building and overlay consultancy, event services and safety all geared towards creating accessible experiences for spectators and participants alike. From accessible transportation infrastructure improvements for London 2012 to Universal Design, curation and programming consultancy for Expo 2020 Dubai we have an unrivalled depth of expertise in creating accessible and inclusive large scale events.



Website: https://en2end.com

Contact: 20claire.hughes@en2end.com

En2End is a dynamic sports hospitality & events agency created by Claire Hughes (Ex Liverpool FC and Aon/ Man United FC sponsorship). En2End has successfully pivoted from delivering live VIP match day experiences and corporate events to creating unique online solutions (Virtual and Hybrid) not only for federations and rights holders such as UEFA, but also for global brands such as Standard Chartered, FedEx & Vitality to name just a few. Our innovative bespoke online solutions provided our clients with a dedicated platform to engage with their partners and customers and enabled them to ensure they could still leverage their assets and remain connected to their clients when it physically wasn’t possible.

We created bespoke partner led online solutions for a range of usually in person assets such as pre match ‘ at home hospitality ‘ build up experiences, watch the team arrive experiences, skills and drills assets, player/ referee mascots and more!

Now that the world is opening back up again, we are continuing our work with our regular clients AXA on their global training kit programme with Liverpool FC in a live on-site capacity, but with the rapid and ongoing advances in technology and the cultural adoption of it, we are also helping our clients to achieve a complete, connected experience no matter whether it’s LIVE, VIRTUAL OR HYBRID. 

We can help brands/ rights holders develop a VIRTUAL, LIVE OR HYBRID experience that will help you connect your brand/ property with your audience in a meaningful and rewarding way that gets results! 



Event GIS

Category: Event Technology

Website: https://www.eventgis.global/

Contact: info@eventgis.global

Event GIS is an Australian company specialising in tailored Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and published mapping products for major events. Utilising the latest Esri technology, we transform static event planning content into dynamic, location-based information with the goal to aid collaboration between stakeholders and improve opernational awareness. Our experience has centred on transport planning (Bus, Fleet, Parking) along with client-specific planning (Protocol, Media, Workforce). Through our graphic design expertise, we have produced public-facing maps including Spectator Guides, Training Manuals and Travel Demand Management communication. Established in 2019, our team has extensive experience working with local and international major events including the Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup, Rugby League World Cup and Cricket World Cup.

Event Planning Group

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: eventplanninggroup.com

Contact: info@eventplanninggroup.com

The Event Planning Group (EPG) are your global event specialists operating in the world of international events. As a professional event planning and delivery company, EPG has a proven track record of helping define, plan and deliver many of the world’s leading events – including the Winter Olympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, World University Games, Cricket, Rugby & Football World Cups, and every Summer Olympic Games since 2000. The EPG team has also taken part in the delivery of a diverse range of corporate & community event profiles including festivals, celebrations and exhibitions. Operating for over 20 years out of five global offices, EPG understand no two events are the same and that each event has its own set of objectives, cost models, programme requirements and cultural challenges. They understand the landscape that defines an event and utilise their global network to deliver international expertise. Their “Global Reach - Local Focus” philosophy ensures a local skills legacy is left after any event.

Event Safety Management (ESM)

Category: Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Website: www.eventsecuritymanagementltd.com

Contact: info@eventsecuritymanagementltd.com

Event Security Management (ESM) is the leading provider of security services for major events across the United Kingdom and the Middle East. With over 160 years of combined security services expertise within our management team alone, we’ve got all the experience needed to provide you with a safe, professional and reliable service.

Our services are critical to the delivery of all major events and we provide our customers with the assurance that a safe and secure event will be delivered in the most cost-effective way, whilst achieving high standards. Our core service offering is based on 4 key areas 

-       Event Planning – we will work for you to plan all safety & security elements of your event

-       Security Management – we provide the highest standards of expertise & skillsets 

-       Crowd Management – We are very experienced in creating complex crowd management plans 

-       Event Safety Management – we ensure the highest levels of safety from; control room to site management, we cover all event safety aspects.

Since the business was founded by Steve Coleman in 2018 ESM have serviced major global sports events including Diriyah Festival Season, Jeddah Festival Season, The Saudi Cup and the Special Olympics World Games. Over the course of these events, ESM have managed the security and wellbeing of over 1,000,000 visitors.

Exposure Analytics

Category: Event Technology

Website: exposureanalytics.com/

Contact: sales@exposureanalytics.com

We're market-leading in analytics for events, brand activations and venues. Our data helps brands and agencies understand how visitors interact with their work so that they can evaluate and improve. Our sophisticated technology picks up wifi signals from any enabled device, allowing our footfall analysis to help clients decide what works - or doesn’t. Our Apex technology adds an extra layer of insight by using specialised sensors to monitor visitor movement with unrivalled accuracy. We’ve just celebrated our 5000th event, including festivals, conferences, motor shows and activations - indoors and out.