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Category: Event Technology

Website: incognitus.com

Contact: info@incognitus.com

‘Incognitus is a global consulting and event management organisation specialising in the leisure, sport and entertainment market. Our focus is always on the positioning of our services in support of the client. With the use of simple technology combined with extensive operational knowledge, we design, develop and operate specific outcomes and strategic solutions on an International platform. With permanent operations within Australia, UK and the USA, the partners of Incognitus have nurtured and harnessed their vision to provide professional and confident business advice, whilst facilitating solutions for businesses in need.


Incognitus: (noun) Latin of Incognito; to be behind the scenes, quietly and confidently in support, a faceless strength to be behind the scenes.’

Ipsem Squared


Website: www.ipsemsquared.com

Contact: info@ipsemsquared.com

IPSEM Squared is a boutique sports and events agency with an Asian Footprint and a Global focus. With a target focus on Brands, Right Holders, Venues, Local Authorities, Suppliers, Sports Federations and Investors, we seek to grow the business through opportunities in Asia, USA, Middle eat, Brazil, Mexico and Europe.

Using our global network, we focus on better outcomes for our clients by leveraging our world-leading experience, intimate knowledge and establshed relationships to maximise the success of your events globally. We do this thrugh the provision of unexpected revenue generation, marketing and world-class event operations services. 



Website: www.jl-group.co..uk

Contact: phil@jl-group.co.uk

JLL is a full-service live event, television, lighting / grip, film and exhibition technical production partner that exists to help event organisers, production companies, technical directors, DOP's, gaffers, agencies, in-house corporates and exhibition suppliers deliver exceptional audience experiences.

We consistently blend our inventory, heritage and technical knowledge of all things video, light, sound, set & stage together to offer our clients a reliable platform for their inspiration and imagination. 

Our team thrive on the challenges brought to us by our clients and believe there is almost no limit to what can be achieved. At JLL we regularly push the boundaries of 'what's possible' to ensure our client's creativity is never limited by technology.

LAPA Canine Research

Category: Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Website: www.lapacaninesearch.co.uk

Contact: info@lapacaninesearch.co.uk


LAPA Canine Search Ltd is a vastly experienced and thoroughly professional specialist dog operations and training company. 

Our dogs are all trained in house and operated by our own fully qualified handlers who specialise in each skill set.

Each dog would be trained to find and specialise in detecting one specific scent. Our trainers are NASDU and BIPDT qualified (UK Standards).

All our handlers hold SIA licences

We carry out training and continuation training for all our dogs and handlers which includes, General Purpose Security Dogs, and Specialist search training and detection operations, including Explosive, Drug, pyro, and Bed Bug Detection, and many bespoke scents when requested.


Lapa has the benefit of highly trained and qualified dog handlers and search teams for deployment worldwide.

All of our officers and dogs along with our training and methods adhere to British Standards

Lapa canine dogs are trained to work in virtually any environment.

Highly trained, experienced and competent handlers, handle these dogs. Every function/site varies from location to location, country to country in its needs.

Tailoring the type of dog and the requirements to suit your criteria.

There is a high demand for the deployment of detection dogs and the prevention of terrorism puts explosive detection dogs at the top of the list worldwide closely followed by drug detection dogs.

Because of our high standards Lapa is deployed throughout the UK and also available to work worldwide.


Within Lapa there are 3 sub-divisions

General Purpose guard dogs (GP Teams)

Search Team (Drug and Explosive)

Training (Dogs and Handlers) for Bespoke Scents

Lapa has been operating for just over 9 years.  Based in Sittingbourne, in the UK, with Kennels and Training Facilities located near Swanley, Kent. 

Losberger De Boer

Category: Overlay and Infrastructure

Website: www.losbergerdeboer.com/uk/

Contact: John.Cochrane@losbergerdeboer.com

Losberger De Boer is one of the world’s leading suppliers of temporary and permanent buildings. We are a premium event supplier, whose modular structures and buildings are used for a wide variety of events. Applications range from small catering tents to massive, multi-story hospitality pavilions and from support structures to spectating platforms and large-scale venues for fairs and expositions. Our modular construction method is also used for commercial purposes and public use, and we also offer military and humanitarian applications.

A centennial company

Losberger De Boer was founded over 100 years ago, in 1919, in Heilbronn, Germany. The company is the result of the merger between Losberger and De Boer Structures. Losberger De Boer is headquartered in Fürfeld, Germany and has offices, production facilities and teams across the world. All Losberger De Boer buildings and temporary structures are designed and produced in-house, and adhere to the strictest standards in terms of quality and safety. Our products are available for sale or to rent.

Our core value is embedded in the company slogan ‘Committed to your Success’. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible space solution and the best customer experience.

LS Events


Website: www.ls.uk

Contact: info@ls.uk

Founded in 2004, LS Events (previously known as Loud Sound) is an event production agency which creates bespoke management solutions across a wide variety of sectors, from music and live entertainment to sporting and public events. LS Events are proud to have delivered a turnkey and full service solution on a range of projects from the UK's largest festivals and music tours to major ceremonial and sporting ceremonies.

Offering a range of event deliverables such as project management, licence applications, local community liaison, supplier procurement, site design, site build and dismantle, trader management, creative design, sponsor activations and on the ground event management, the team at LS Events are dedicated and passionate professionals with a deep knowledge and wealth of experience across the overall event industry.