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ES:ME Entertainment Service

Category: Event Technology

Website: es-me.net

Contact: info@es-me.net

ES:ME Entertainment Services is a premium event technology specialist in the Middle East since 2010. The company supports clients from detailed, individual consultation, to engineering and implementation of each event. 

With a premium 360° service, the entertainment specialists take care of rigging, staging, lighting, audio, video, and power supply, while delivering reliable and punctual on-site management. With regularly checked equipment and frequent training of the specialized team, ES:ME performs on the highest safety and hygiene standards to ensure seamless and carefree events for everyone.

MEI Premium Member


Category: Event Technology

Website: eventsair.com

Contact: info@eventsair.com

For 30 years, the team at EventsAIR have developed some of the biggest innovations in the event management industry. What got us here? The same thing that makes us different: Our point of view. Our background is in event management, so we think like event organizers. We design and develop according to what will make life easier for attendees, and what will benefit the host organization. We exist to deliver clever solutions to our customers. Winning for us isn’t just about helping our customers succeed in their business goals, but delighting them and exceeding their expectations. By doing an excellent job, we will transform the events industry.

MEI Premium Member


Category: Event Technology

Website: leverade.com/en/

Contact: antonio@leverade.com

LEVERADE Real Play is the leading platform for federations and professional competition management.

LEVERADE provides data infrastructure, modular apps and management platforms for federations and professional competitions.

1) Licenses, registrations, referee assignments, accounting, online payments, scheduling, competitions, sanctions
2) API for easing integrations with other software providers. Integrations with Streaming, betting, scoring, events, marketing automation and more
3) Artificial Intelligence for sports. Prediction of marks and results, athlete clustering and benchmarking, promising youth detection
4) Revenue share for federations and competitions with premium services for clubs and athletes

Countless clients and partners across different industries & sports have continued to use and trust LEVERADE including: Swiss Basketball National Federation, Spanish Swimming National Federation, Spanish Tennis National Federation and more than 90 other federations in sports like football, volleyball, american football, rugby, athletics or hockey.

Catalytic Solutions

Category: Event Technology

Website: www.catalyticsolutions.co.uk

Contact: info@catalyticsolutions.co.uk

Tailor-Made Event Management Suites.

For over 40 years Catalytic has delivered event management software that has never failed to do what was asked of it. Not once.

Whatever your event we have a solution that will deliver seamless, simple-to-use, software automation and efficiency to your planning, management, ticketing, exhibitors and more in real-time.

We offer six different event management suites to choose from. Each is tailored to a specific event type, each facilitating unique functions with unique functionality. This includes expos, trade & agricultural shows, conferences & functions, festivals & concerts, weddings & celebrations, as well as various sporting events.

With a team dedicated solely to digital event management and coordination technologies, we can even develop your own custom build to make your show that much easier to manage.

If you want to change the way you run your events forever… then we’re here to help. 

Crowd Dynamics

Category: Event Technology

Website: crowddynamics.com

Contact: enquiries@crowddynamics.com

Crowd Dynamics is the largest independent specialist consultancy in crowd movement, crowd modelling and simulation. We are uniquely positioned to support clients in the safe and efficient movement and management of people. Our skills have helped clients around the world to better plan for and manage large scale events, stadia, leisure venues, visitor attractions, buildings, city centres and transportation hubs.


We are highly respected as world leaders in developing innovative techniques for analysing crowds of people. We have developed state of the art crowd management and simulation technology to complement our service offering. The technology is applied throughout the lifecycle of major events and venues from early design and visitor planning to operational use. This results in optimised crowd safety plans, improved visitor experience and better responses to critical situations.


Crowded Events

Category: Event Technology

Website: www.CrowdedEvents.com

Contact: Hello@CrowdedEvents.com

Leveraging over 90 years combined experience across 15 countries, Crowded Events provides global consultancy and SMART technology harnessing the power of next level systems to transform the way we deliver workforce and crowd management.


Our workforce planning system, CROWDWRK supports organising committees, government stakeholders, suppliers and event organisers manage their Volunteer, Contractor and Paid staff. From Headcount Management, Registration & Talent Management through to Role Assignments, Scheduling and two-way Communication Portal. CROWDWRK is agile and built to work for you and your staff.


Completing our end-to-end workforce solution, we have CROWDHUBx. CROWDHUBx uses our bespoke Cx2 SMART Watches and tailored Hub to monitor workforce through their complete operational journey. Whether its 10 – 10,000 workforce, CROWDHUBx supports with dynamically viewing live deployments of staff, their exact location, the equipment they carry, their callsign, through to geo fencing, access control, attendance tracking, and, monitoring the physicality of the position your staff are deployed on. The Hub can also improve business process, generating invoices, reports and downloadable CSV files allowing smoother reconciliation on hours worked protecting revenue and creating transparency with the client.


CROWDWRK & CROWDHUBx = complete end to end workforce management!


With the advancements of crowd management, 2023, sees CROWDED EVENTS complete the development of their crowd motion platform, CROWDLYTICS. Please get in touch for more details.