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World Stadium Congress

World Stadiums Congress, run by global leaders in stadium and arena development, will be a 3-part series exploring the different strategies venue owners and operators must account for moving forward.

The age of coronavirus has seen the sporting and entertainment industry forced to adapt in remarkable ways to health and safety regulations. With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games postponed, along with various sporting seasons either cancelled or on standby, stadium owners and operators remain focused on what the post-covid era will look like when re-engaging fans back into the stands.

In spite of navigating the immediate impact of COVID-19, stadium project planning, digital fan experiences and security remains intact – as evident from the commencement on construction of the $1.7billion Guanzhou Evergrande 100,000 seat stadium in April 2020.

Tune in to presentations and case studies led by speakers from Formula 1 (UK), Los Angeles Football Club (USA), Johan Cruijff Arena (Amsterdam), Titanium Security Arena (AU) Singapore Sports Hub and many more!

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Around the Rings

Around the Rings is the world’s leading source of news about the Olympics. For the most in-depth coverage of Olympic and global sport news, our subscribers turn to our global team of reporters who have more than 25 years of experience reporting from the world’s biggest sporting events. Our readers include the IOC, every National Olympic Committee, sponsors, every major event organizing committee and more.

Crisis Response Journal

The Crisis Response Journal, along with its associated products, is the global information resource that covers all aspects of human-induced and natural hazards, spanning response, disaster risk reduction, resilience, business continuity and security, across countries, public spaces, businesses and communities.

The aim is to bring agencies, disciplines and nations – as well as the private and public sectors – together to increase understanding of their different roles and perspectives, thereby improving a unified response or averting crises through effective disaster risk reduction.

CRJ covers a range of threats, from CBRN and cybercrime to conventional terrorism, from pandemic protection and preparedness to flooding, from fires and chemical incidents to large-scale natural emergencies such as earthquakes, from environmental degradation to climate issues, from critical infrastructure protection to business and national continuity, security, resilience and sustainability. We also feature thought leadership on the psychology of behaviour in disasters, leadership, cascading consequences and threats.

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High Life Productions

High Life Productions Ltd is a creative video agency. We deliver visual content to engage, inform, and entertain.


Digital Agency, consulting on media sales, data insight and technology within sports and entertainment

Company Service Offerings:

  • Digital & Media: Activating Digital Media, Delivering Fan Engagement
  • Venue Tech: Activating Smart Venues, Driving Technical Insight
  • Advertisers & Sponsors: High Impact Brand Activation, Delivering Targeted Audiences

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