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TVU - Networks

Category: Summits and Events

Joining the IFS 2021 was an incredible opportunity for us to meet and interact with Sports Communities in this challenging time. We wanted to use our extensive expertise in the Live Broadcast Media supply chain to help set trends in the industry. We’re at the forefront of innovation for sports federations to connect fans all around the world and bring remote participation to the next level


Doris Radicevic, Contact Marketing Director - TVU Networks-

We Track

Category: Summits and Events

"In a huge year for global sport we are happy to support the operations of International Federations by sponsoring this summit. The intimate workshops will enable enjoyable discussion and valuable knowledge exchange, and we look forward to engaging with the community of federations and sharing expertise"


Peter Ward, CEO - We Track

NoA Ignite

Category: Summits and Events

MEI provides us with a level of access to Sports Rights Holders that we wouldn't be able to achieve on our own. The International Federations Summit was a fantastic forum for connectivity and we made many new connections


Pawel Mydlo - Business Development Manager - NoA Ignite

Arana Security

Category: Summits and Events

“ We sponsored a workshop at the IFS as it allowed us to get more brand awareness and new connections. I would recommend future sponsorship as it provided value for money: for a company we are trying to target stadium and venues, it had all the right delegates to do that.”


Ali Nasser - Sales Director - Arana Security

International Fistball Association (IFA)

Category: Summits and Events

Congratulations to the great organization and interesting sessions at the summit!


Christoph Oberlehner - Secretary General - International Fistball Association (IFA)

M2A Media


"I thought the format for this morning's first session was excellent. A refreshing switch up from the usual 'sit and listen' zoom calls.”


Hamish Muiry, Head of Sales UK & APAC-  M2A Media