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International Fistball Association (IFA)

Category: Summits and Events

Congratulations to the great organization and interesting sessions at the summit!


Christoph Oberlehner - Secretary General - International Fistball Association (IFA)

M2A Media


"I thought the format for this morning's first session was excellent. A refreshing switch up from the usual 'sit and listen' zoom calls.”


Hamish Muiry, Head of Sales UK & APAC-  M2A Media

Blade Rigg-New Premium Member

Category: Business Support

We are excited to upgrade to MEI Premium Membership. While the MEI Professional Membership was good, with opportunities being presented along with the introductions and contacts being made via the MEI community & summits, I was getting quite frustrated as I just did not have the time or resources to follow up on those contacts & opportunities. The Premium membership means MEI becomes a part of my team and an extension of my company and sets up meeting for me. They really get involved in understanding what we are as a business and create new opportunities first hand and now MEI helps me exploit those opportunities. To top it all off I don’t pay extra to attend the Summits, exhibit or advertise my business as its all wrapped up in the membership fees. It’s a no-brainer & I cannot believe we have waited this long to forge this partnership.


Jason Baris

Managing Director, Blade Rigg

RGS Events | Commonwealth Games 2022

Category: Business Support

I am sure that our association with MEI was important regarding our success winning the contract at Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022”

Paul Ramler | CEO & Projects Director



Category: Business Support

I can throughly recommend becoming a member. I have personally benefitted by fantastic collaborative supplier solutions for bids.There is power in this network! "

Steve Laws | Director of TaylorBridges (Consultancy)