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Category: Business Support

I have renewed my membership with MEI as they have supported us to win contracts with Local Authorities; generated new elads for us to follow up - which should convert to future business; introduced us to new potential partners; helped us understand the market we operate in, and just generally been a great group to be part of.

Deborah Ainscough | Founder and Director


Category: Business Support

This session added real value to my team and I - it will significantly increase our win probability as, we have gained a much greater understanding of the topic to subsequently allow us to make some changes to our internal bidding process. 

Alex Wurfel | CEO | ES:ME

You. Smart. Thing

Category: Summits and Events

Chris Thompson | CEO | You. Smart. Thing

Wales Netball

Category: Summits and Events

Definitely one of the best events I have been to in a long time. The thing I enjoyed most was the flexibility you gave us to meet new contacts and dip in and out of sessions. Very helpful. I will definitely be sending some colleagues to it next year.

Vicki Sutton | CEO | Wales Netball

You. Smart. Thing .


Due to MEI's introduction we are able to secure a contract with an English council which, we expect will significantly support broader public sector activities.


Chris Thompson | CEO | You. Smart. Thing.

Invictus Games Foundation

Category: Business Support

“I’ve just made two connection in the past 20 minutes who will try and help in my forthcoming event”

Brigadier Fred Hargreaves | Deputy Director | Invictus Games Foundation