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Direct Access

Category: Summits and Events

“We have secured a 7 year contract with the UN working with architectural firms on a new HQ in Geneva. While it is not sport related, that we managed to talk to people in Lausanne last year, we gathered enough knowledge of local canton requirements for accessibility to demonstrate that knowledge in the final stage interview.”

Steve Derring | Director | Direct Access

Invictus Games Foundation

Category: Business Support

“I’ve just made two connection in the past 20 minutes who will try and help in my forthcoming event”

Brigadier Fred Hargreaves | Deputy Director | Invictus Games Foundation

24/7 Software

Category: Summits and Events

As someone who supports stadiums, venues, and facilities across their operational software needs, this event was a great networking opportunity

David Payne | 24/7 Software


Category: Business Support

 "I want to let the MEI team know that I was recently awarded a great contract as a direct result of a connection made through one of your events and being a member.”

Matthew Harrison | Group CEO

2CL Communications Ltd

Category: Business Support

"This relationship was formed through our respective memberships of Major Events International, highlighting the importance of working together to deliver great value to the events industry."

Garrick Gregory | CEO, 2CL Communications Ltd.

World Obstacle

Category: Summits and Events

"MEI has proven to be a powerful platform for business development that has impacted the world of sports, and their capabilities come together with the important moment World Obstacle is currently experiencing….which reinforces our strategic goals of being part of the Olympic movement."

Ian Adamson | President, World Obstacle