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Birmingham 2022

Category: Business Support

“A perfect chance to come in and say we’re here and we’re ready for business”

Neil Carney | Project Director


Rugby League World Cup 2021

Category: Business Support

“MEI present a really great opportunity to engage with potential suppliers and commercial partners….”

Jon Dutton | CEO, Rugby League World Cup, 2021

Gold Coast 2018

Category: Business Support

“The opportunity to talk to suppliers and understand their requirements and make sure that we align our procurement processes and specifications with those companies to assist them”

Danny Baade | Head of Security


Category: Business Support

I have renewed my membership with MEI as they have supported us to win contracts with Local Authorities; generated new elads for us to follow up - which should convert to future business; introduced us to new potential partners; helped us understand the market we operate in, and just generally been a great group to be part of.

Deborah Ainscough | Founder and Director


Category: Business Support

This session added real value to my team and I - it will significantly increase our win probability as, we have gained a much greater understanding of the topic to subsequently allow us to make some changes to our internal bidding process. 

Alex Wurfel | CEO | ES:ME


Category: Business Support

We are grateful to MEI for facilitating the introduction to FIM that started the journey towards this exceptional documentary.

Hannah Rosenberg | Head of Commercial Content | Websedge