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The Portal

A single place of up-to-date event information, contacts, opportunities and event delivery experts, delivering connectivity for the global sports and events community.





The Portal provides an information edge which helps with the effective delivery of events and wider benefits... from procurement to volunteers.

A unique global directory of accredited expert suppliers, dealing with trusted professionals with a proven track record. Suppliers will now be able to bring together their experience in a public domain, encouraging better collaboration. With the facility to privately share sensitive pricing information with buyers in a secure space.

This provides better engagement with a global audience, a targeted approach to procurement and the ability to signpost urgent or future needs.

The Portal has been specifically designed to address the need to visibilty of events across the board, opening up the opportunities for International Federations and event organisers to maximise the economies of scale across multiple events, making commericial connections and links to potential host venues.

Bid and host cities will benefit from access to higher quality data, and a promotional platfrom on which to publicise interest for upcoming events.



The Portal - Servicing sports events for organisations and individuals