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Category: Event Technology

Website: https://meshh.com

Contact: info@meshh.com

Meshh are an industry leader in location intelligence, providing world-class, location-based intelligence and interaction solutions. We help; event organisers, venues and brands measure engagement and interaction in their physical spaces. We turn fan behaviour into both operational and commercial kpis, we help stakeholders learn more about how customers behave in real world environments. This subsequently helps them deliver richer, more immersive experiences. 

Meshh’s product offering utilises sensor based mobile technology and uses personal devices as a proxy for people. It does not require infrastructure and isn’t reliant on any existing network or camera based deployment. Entirely self-sufficient, battery based sensors are quick and easy to activate both indoors and outdoors making Meshh suitable for any venue and also the preeminent solution for Fanzones, campus based environments, last mile measurement, festivals, real estate and any transient environment.


Meshh has both a quantitative and a qualitative measurement product ; Spatial Analytics & Spatial Research. We passively capture footfall, engagement, dwell time, impact, frequency, and journey paths, providing you with a clear picture of people’s behaviour. Our data collection is passive, anonymous and fully GDPR complaint. Our Research tool also delivers digital surveys to multiple mobile devices in any physical environment – without the need for expensive Wi-Fi infrastructure or relying on mobile network connectivity.

Countless clients and partners across different industries & sports have continued to use and trust Meshh including ; NASCAR, Live Nation, Formula 1, Major League Baseball, Sky, Diageo and the Department for International Trade as examples. 

Meta Camera

Category: Event Technology

Website: www.meta-camera.io

Contact: info@meta-camera.io

Meta has developed a series of cameras and associated software to allow people to virtually visit events or live or after they are completed, with unparalleled levels of quality and immersion.  
The audience of the future needs to be reached. Rights holders, events, venues and locations need to find new and better ways to virtually connect to viewers in a post-pandemic world. Customers want more immersion, interactivity and control.
Existing live virtual reality video (360 video streaming) lacks quality, resolution, fidelity and ease of access. This prevents rights holders, business owners, events and locations from leveraging this technology, Meta Camera's technology leapfrogs these issues. 

My Next Match (MNM)

Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: mynextmatch.com/

Contact: mynextmatch@gmail.com

In age of COVID-19, management of athlete health is no longer optional. Away from the headlines generated by the Premier League, NBA or UFC, much important work is done by International (IFs) and National Federations (NFs) to regulate amateur sport. Many federations work with limited funding and tools, sometimes relying on paper and pencil to record critical athlete data. MNM is a platform to ensure the continuous flow of information between medical professionals, NFS/ IFs, clubs and athletes to encourage safer sport. The MNM Digital Medical Passport (MediCard) holds all relevant medical information pertaining to an individual athlete, in relation to his/her chosen sport. Designed by team of Olympic Medical Experts with experience of working at highest levels of sport. MNM Digital Medical Passport will provide athletes with a complete medical history from their first day to their last day in the sport. IFs and NFs need a trusted partner to manage critical data in a timely, secure and cost-efficient manner. 

Designed for athletes: the MNM platform has a clear philosophy of athlete development and safety first, other priorities second.

Field tested: the MNM Product Suite has been in development since 2015, and has been proven to work in a broad cross section of sports and 147 different NFs exactly as described.

Modular solutions and intuitive interface: the MNM Product Suite can be tailored to the specific requirements of partners individual tools can work alongside existing suppliers and solutions, and the time and resource demands on partner staff are minimal.



Category: Event Services and Fan Engagement

Website: nielsen.com

Contact: mediabookresearch@nielsen.com

Nielsen Sports’ solutions allow businesses around the world to better understand and engage with their audience.

Nielsen Sports is the premier provider of analytics and insights within the growing sports industry, offering the most reliable source of independent and holistic market data in the industry and the most complete view of consumer trends and habits worldwide. Combining solutions from sponsorship effectiveness to fan data capabilities with Nielsen’s understanding of consumer behavior and media consumption means Nielsen Sports is uniquely positioned to help businesses maximise their commercial success. Nielsen Sports’ consulting services turn knowledge into action with fact-based insight and recommendations which allow brands, right holders and agencies to maximize the value of their investments in sport.

Norwest Productions


Website: www.norwestproductions.com

Contact: For contact details visit https://www.nwgroup.com.au/contact/norwest/

Norwest Productions are the founding member of NW Group Australasia, a group of specialist companies focussed on delivering the highest standard of live event production equipment and services. The Norwest team are focused on supplying the highest quality audio equipment and services for global special events. Norwest utilise cutting edge technologies from premium brands paired with unique proprietary and customised solutions, all designed and operated by our world class team. With bases across Australia and New Zealand, Norwest are internationally renowned for providing audio systems and solutions for Opening & Closing Ceremonies and sporting venues worldwide. This includes six Olympic & Paralympic Games, four Commonwealth Games, and countless other international events since Sydney 2000.


Category: Event Technology

Website: https://odiho.com

Contact: gauthier.dalle@odiho.com

Odiho brings Sound to your Customers. Odiho brings sound to mobiles devices and creates unique engagement experiences through outdoor signage and retail engagment marketing, wait marketing, retail indoor experiences and at your events.